Natural Resources


Natural Resources is the branch of Public Health that focuses on protecting and enhancing ecosystems for the benefit of human and environmental health. Our teams support conservation efforts, resource stewardship, salmon recovery, and collaboration across departments and organizations. With a focus on conservation, the division works to preserve and protect natural resources, including forests, streams, shorelines, wetlands, and wildlife habitats. We strive to support conservation of these resources for future generations. Natural Resources includes the following program areas:

  • We support salmon recovery efforts by working closely with stakeholders and partners to restore salmon populations, protect spawning grounds, and improving  fish passage in local waterways. 
  • We prioritize water quality by monitoring surface water quality and supporting measures to mitigate pollution, manage stormwater runoff, and safeguard drinking water sources. 
  • Our nearshore program provides technical assistance to support shoreline conservation practices, including outreach and homeowner assistance.
  • The Conservation Futures Fund preserves lands to improve climate resiliency, support recreational opportunities, and enhance biodiversity.
  • Our noxious weeds program helps remove harmful plants from the environment to support healthy ecosystems and recreation.

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