Onsite Sewage (Septic) Systems

Approximately 72% of Island County residents utilize an Onsite Sewage (septic) system. About the same number also use groundwater as their drinking water source. The mission of the Onsite Sewage (Septic) program is to protect public health and the environment by minimizing the threat of surface and groundwater contamination from failing or improperly designed, installed or maintained onsite sewage systems. The Onsite Sewage (Septic) Program provides educational, advisory and permitting services for owners of septic systems, septic professionals and other parties. We do this through a number of ways which include:

  • Soil Evaluation determining site suitability for wastewater disposal
  • Onsite sewage (septic) system design review
  • Ensuring systems are installed in accordance with design and proper practice
  • Final inspections of newly installed/repaired systems
  • Working with homeowners to ensure systems are inspected and maintained
  • Responding to sewage complaints
  • Partnering with homeowners to repair systems that are failing or in distress
  • Licensing Onsite Installers, Maintenance Service Providers and Pumpers

Documents and Forms Link: https://www.islandcountywa.gov/661/Documents-and-Forms