Climate Resolution

Island County has taken several actions to address climate change, including: 

  • Island County Public Health partnered to fund a 2020 membership in ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability, as well as with Northwest Clean Air Agency who funded the 2019 greenhouse gas emissions study;
  • Island County Planning and Community Development complete building code energy efficiency updates annually, are updating the Public Benefits Rating System code to consider forest protection, partnering, and preservation; 
  • Island County Planning and Community Development completed a sea level rise strategy study in 2020 along with sea level rise monitoring plan recommendations for community planning;
  • Island County Planning and Community Development in partnership with Public Health applied for, and will apply again for, the State Dept. of Ecology Grant for sea level rise education and outreach to shoreline communities; 
  • Island County Public Works replaced county lights and has started to convert all Road Shops and Solid Waste facilities to more efficient LEDs; 
  • Island County Public Works is looking to continue to install more fuel-efficient roundabouts;
  • Island County Public Works maintains carbon-reducing green spaces, and acquires or partners in acquiring carbon-reducing green spaces, and;
  • Island County Facilities is working on developing potential future projects under the Energy Savings Performance Contracting program with the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services 

Resolution C-55-22

Click on the link for to read full Island County Climate Resolution (pdf)