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PDF document of results of the current election, in both cumulative and precinct levels, generated from the Island County ballot tabulation system

These results are from Island County voters only.

Number of Island County registered voters in election:   61, 069  (updated to include voter registrations on election day)

Last day/time counted:  August 16, 2022 -- 8:26 a.m.

Total number of ballots counted:    31,793

Estimated number of ballots left to count:  00

Next count:    Results are final

Note:  The estimated number of ballots left to count does not include ballots which may continue to be received with valid postmarks or ballots where a signature challenge may still be cured.

Write-in Information:

Unofficial totals appear after 8:00 p.m. on Election Day. All write-in votes, declared candidates or not, are grouped together for initial results. Only if there are enough total write-in votes in the race to change the apparent outcome will the election officials begin a tally for the declared candidates.

  • If there are enough total write-in votes, then the final tabulation will display each individual tally for the declared candidates. Multi-county districts must combine tabulation results from all counties.

  • If there are not enough total write-in votes to overcome the apparent winner, indivudal tallies will not occur.