Local Voters' Pamphlet Information

Island County Auditor produces a Local Voters' Guide for every primary, general or special election.


    • When an election is countywide, a Local Voters' Pamphlet booklet is mailed to each mail delivery point in Island County.
    • When an election is not countywide, the Local Voters' Pamphlet is included in the ballot packet for each registered voter in the impacted district(s).
    • An online version of the voters' pamphlet is available for all elections.
    • The online version is available on our website or by logging in to www.votewa.gov and logging in with your information.
    • The cost of the pamphlet, as with other election costs, is shared by the districts having items on the ballot for that election.
    • The committees to provide statements for and against a measure are appointed by the districit putting a measure on the ballot.  (RCW29A.32.280)
    • The content of all statements reflect the view of the writer and are produced as submitted.  The auditor does not make corrections to statements and assumes no responsibility for errors and/or inaccuracies in the statement.