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Recommendation by the US Postal Service:​​

"Voters are encouraged to vote early.  The USPS recommends voters return their ballots via mail a week before Election Day. Voters mailing within less than a week of Election Day should note mailbox collection times, or use an official ballot drop box."



The Island County Auditor's Office and Election Office in Coupeville are open to the public following WA State and CDC mask guidelines. Thank you for your understanding.

We encourage you to conduct your business in Licensing and Recording, and in Elections by email, mail or electronically. Limit in-person transactions as much possible.

Appointments are required for Accounting staff. Accounts Payable docs should be placed in the Auditor's mailbox in the Mail Room.

 Thank you,

Sheilah Crider,
Island County Auditor

Washington State Redistricting Commission's Letter to All Districts (click here)

2021 - 2022  REDISTRICTING

What is Redistricting?

Redistricting is the process of changing boundaries of voting districts so that all districts have the same number of people. This occurs every 10 years, immediately following the decennial census.

As states and communities grow and change, peoples' representation in government begins to get out of balance. Redistricting brings everything back into balance.

The U.S. and state constitutions require that each congressional and legislative district:

  • Represent roughly equal numbers of people. Congressional and Legislative districts shall be nearly equal in size as is practicable.
  • Keep groups who have common minority interests together to make sure political power is distributed fairly.
(For further information, click here)

Public Records Disclosure Information


On January 19, 2021, the Senate of the State of Washington, the House of Representatives concurrently, approved Senate Concurrent Resolution 8402 to extend Proclamation 20-28 until the termination of the COVID-19 state of emergency pursuant to RCW 43.06.210, or until rescinded by gubernatorial or legislative action, whichever occurs first.

  • The requirement that agencies respond to PRA requests within 5 business days is suspended only for requests not received electronically until the termination of the COVID-19 state of emergency or until rescinded by gubernatorial or legislative action, whichever occurs first. Public records requests received electronically will receive an initial response within 5 business days. Records production in response to requests may be delayed. Each County department and office will make a good faith effort to communicate with records requestors in a timely manner as staffing availability and workloads allow during the COVID-19 Emergency.
  • All in-person business pertaining to requests for records is suspended, including: making a public records request in person, onsite inspection or copying of records, and picking up records onsite until the termination of the COVID-19 state of emergency or until rescinded by gubernatorial or legislative action, whichever occurs first.

Island County Auditor


​The Auditor is an elected position, with the term of office lasting four years.

The mission of the Auditor's Office is to perform the people's business with the highest level of integrity, accuracy and professionalism.

Duties performed in the Auditors Office include:

  • Accounting:  Payroll - Accounts Payable - Financial Reporting
  • Elections:  Election Administration - Voter Registration and Maintenance
  • Licensing:  Vehicle Licensing - Vessel Licensing
  • Marriage Licenses:  Marriage License administration
  • Recording:  Recording Official Documents - Historical Documents


Hours of Operation and Contact Information

Main Office .......... Monday through Friday ..........8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Elections Office .......... Monday through Friday .......... 8:00 am to 4:30 pm



Vehicle/Vessel Licensing





Marriage Licensing Recording@islandcountywa.gov  360-240-5540
Recorded Documents Recording@islandcountywa.gov  360-240-5549
Election Administration Elections@islandcountywa.gov 360-678-8290

Voter Registration



**Elections/Voters Registration is located at 400 N. Main St., Coupeville 


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