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​Frequently Asked Questions​

​Does the recording department supply blank documents or notary services?

We cannot provide forms or notarize signatures as this constitutes "legal advice," The auditor and staff are prohibited by statute from providing legal advice. Documents must be presented for recording as they are intended for public record.

Does the recording department have birth and death certificates?

Original birth and death records after 1907 are maintained by the Regional Health District, Vital Statistics Office at 360-678-7351. There are only a few original records beginning with 1891 through 1907 available in the recording department.

Where do I obtain information regarding divorce records or annulments?

Please contact the Clerks Office at 360-679-7359, option 6, for information regarding these items.

Are wills recorded for public records?

Wills can be recorded for public record, but it is not advised. To probate a will, contact the Clerks Office at 360-679-7359, option 6.

What kinds of documents are recorded in the recording department?

The recording office records Real Estate documents, liens, military discharges, maps and surveys. Copies of these documents are available for a fee. We also issue marriage licenses and county business licenses. For information regarding city business licenses, contact the city in which your business will be located. For state business licenses, call 360-664-1400.​