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Island County > Clerk's Office > DIVORCE PAPERWORK




If you are Active Duty Military:

  • You will receive one certified copy of your final decree in the mail.


If you are not Active Duty Military:

  • You can order certified copies of your divorce papers through digitalarchives.wa.gov on the Monday following your hearing.


  • You can order non-certified copies of your divorce papers through clerkepass.com within 48 hours of your hearing.


  • You can request certified or non-certified copies of your divorce papers by mail.

Send your request, including the case number and the title of the document you’re requesting;

cashier’s check or money order for the cost of the copies*;

self-addressedstamped envelope to:

                                      Island County Clerk

                          PO Box 5000

                 Coupeville, WA  98239


Call us at (360) 679-7359 if you don’t know how many pages are in your document. We can look it up for you.


*Certified copies are $5.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page, per document. Non-certified copies are $0.50 per page.