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The use of current mandatory forms is required in any family law action. Family law forms packets may be purchased at the Clerk’s Office (see below for the packets provided).

Forms can be downloaded from www.courts.wa.gov.

Also, the Northwest Justice Project website has forms and instructions plus online legal information on a wide variety of civil issue: www.washingtonlawhelp.org.

Domestic violence, sexual assault and vulnerable adult protection forms can be obtained from the Superior Court Clerk’s office.

Anti-harassment protection forms are available at Island County District Court in Oak Harbor – Telephone number (360) 675-5988.

Samples of local court forms can be viewed in the Local Court Rules. Do not use the forms in the Local Court Rules as they do not comply with formatting requirements.

Forms available for download

​Name of Form
​Name of Form

Anti-Harrassment Protection

See Civil Protection Order link

Domestic Violence Protection Order

See Civil Protection Order link

Vulnerable Adult Protection Order
See Civil Protection Order link
Case Type 3 Immediate Restraining
Restraining Ord - Type 3 05-22.pdf
​Blank Declaration
Blank Declaration.pdf

Forms available at the Clerk's Office


​Name of Form
​Price ​Name of Form ​Price

​Anti-Harrassment Protection Order -Stalking / Respondent Under 19


Domestic Violence Protection Order



Renewal of Anti-Harassment Protection Order ​NC Renewal of Domestic Violence Protection Order NC
​Modify/Terminate Anti-Harrassment Order NC ​Modify/Terminate Domestic Violence Protection Order NC
​Sexual Assault Protection Order ​NC ​Vulnerable Adult Protection Order NC
​​Modify/Terminate Sexual Assault Protection Order ​NC ​Modify/Terminate Vulnerable Adult Protection Order
​Renewal of Sexual Assault Protection Order ​NC Joel's Law Petition (Detention by Family, Guardian or Conservator) ​NC

​ ​Civil Forms

Unlawful Detainer – Landlord

Unlawful Detainer – Tenant
No Longer Available

Unlawful Detainer - Vacate & Stay Judgment and Writ of Restitution
No Longer Available

​Petition for Restoration of Gun Rights ​$2.50
Small Estate Affidavit $1.50 ​Motion and Order for Dismissal ​$1.50

Family Law Forms​ ​ ​

Dissolution with Children


Dissolution without Children


Legal Separation with Children


Legal Separation without Children ​$15.00

Modification of Child Support


​Dissolution without Children - Final Orders ​$7.50
​Convert Legal Separation to Divorce ​$2.00 ​Immediate Restraining Order (Family Law Cases Only) $7.00

Domestic Show Cause (Contempt)


​Register Out of State Custody Order ​