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Island County > Clerk's Office
Clerk's Office

Island County Clerk's Office Court Clerk: Debra Van Pelt



The Clerk's Office is open to the Public.

Office Hours:  Our window will be available from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at (360) 679-7359.

Filings will be accepted at our window in the box provided

Filings can also be made through the mail at: 

Island County Clerk 

PO Box 5000

Coupeville, WA  98239.  

If you would like conformed copies returned to you, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.


If parties are submitting proposed orders for Judge's signature and are not present for the hearing or for Exparte calendar, a $30.00 presentation fee is required.

This fee can be paid online through NCOURT (www.islandsuperiorcourtpay.com). 

Courtroom:  Please see Superior Court Emergency Order 2020-7

A clerk will be present at hearings to record the proceedings and process pleadings.  Copies of order will be available in Odyssey within 48 hours.  You can also obtain copies of pleadings at www.clerkepass.com

LFO Payments:  LFO payments will be accepted at the Clerk's front counter.  We do NOT accept personal checks. We do accept cash, cashier's checks and money orders. 

You may also make your payments online at www.islandsuperiorcourtpay.com or with a mailed money order or cashier's check payable to the Island County Clerk.

Protection Orders: If you need to file a protection order and have access to a computer, please visit www.courts.wa.gov for the correct forms for a DVPO, VAPO, SAPO or anti-harassment order.  Once the documents have been filled out you must drop them off at the Clerk's Office.  Call the clerk's office for further instructions.  (360) 679-7359.  We snail mail forms to you upon request.  We will also have packets available in the Law & Justice Center lobby at the Clerk's Office.  CADA is a resource that may be helpful.  Call them at (360) 675-7057. Please Note:  ALL PROTECTION ORDERS REQUIRE A LAW ENFORCEMENT INFORMATION SHEET. Look for "WPF All Cases 01.0400 LEIS."


     • www.islandsuperiorcourtpay.com

     • Please indicate the case number or case name (i.e. 20-3-00001-15 and/or SMITH VS SMITH).

Judge's working copies will need to be sent to Court Administration. Please contact them about the accepted process and/or if you have questions (360-679-7361).

RE: Island County Superior Court Emergency Order No 2020-7

ALL hearings are strongly encouraged to be heard by TELEPHONE pursuant to the StarLeaf telephone procedure until further notice.   If you choose to appear in person, masks are strongly encouraged!


     · Call the Clerk's office the day before your hearing to verify which Judge is hearing your case.

     · Call in using the phone number and meeting ID listed below at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appearance.


Judge Christon C Skinner, Department 1

Phone Number:                 1-669-800-5335

Meeting ID:                       433 827 9209 (Updated 10/14/2021)


Judge Carolyn Cliff, Department 2

Phone Number:                 1-669-800-5335

Meeting ID:                       464 171 8264 (Updated 10/14/2021)

Wednesday Domestic Violence / Protection Order Calendar

Phone Number:                 1-669-800-5335

Contact Island County Superior Court Admin for the Meeting ID

     · Please remain silent on the line until your case is called.

     · If you need to file documents, you can file by mail or fax (Law offices only). 

     · Copies of orders will be available through Odyssey within 48 hours.  You may also request them through the Clerk's office.  


Electronic filing (E-filing) is now available in Island County Superior Court

Parties appearing in Island County Superior Court now have a convenient, environmentally-friendly new filing option: E-filing.

Superior Court case documents can be filed online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at www.e-filing.com. Documents filed after working hours will be stamped as received the following business day.

Benefits of E-filing:

·        Convenience of filing documents any time and from any location with internet access

·        Significant reduction in the risk of loss or damage to physical documents

·        Lower paper, postage, and delivery costs

·        Environmental stewardship – less paper usage

For more information, including information about fees associated with E-filing, contact E-filing to speak with Dr. Mohammed Shaikh (805)-453-9152 or Michael Whiting (805)-364-0033 or contact the Clerk's office at (360)-679-7359.  Please visit www.e-filing.com to begin your e-filed document experience. 

How-To-Guide.pdf with Island County.pdf


The County Clerk is an elected position. The position is provided by the Washington State Constitution with specific and special mandated duties assigned by statute and court rules.

The position of County Clerk is best characterized as the record keeping and financial officer of the Superior Court.  Your clerk ensures the separation of powers among the three branches of government, Executive, Judicial, and Legislative by preserving the integrity of the judiciary.  

How we accomplish this purpose:

  • Being independent of the judicial branch, Your Clerk protects the judiciary from the appearance of impropriety or unfairness in the setting of cases, implementation of order, or investment of funds.
  • The Clerk is located in the Executive Branch of government and provides the avenue for external oversight of the judiciary without legislative or executive branch interference with its actions, integrity or independence.
  • As an independent elected official, the Clerk preserves for the public unrestrained access to a fair, accurate and independently established record of the opinions, decisions and judgements of the Court.

We believe that the people of Island County deserve efficient, effective performance and responsible management of public dollars.  We strive to treat every individual who comes to our counter with dignity and respect.  We are here to serve.

Your Clerk


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8:00 am to Noon: 1:00 pm to 3:00pm