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Island County Corrections 


The Island County Jail is in the process of opening up Inmate Visitation. Inmates will be permitted one, 30 minute visit per the schedule below.

  • TUESDAY: 1:30 to 4pm last names A through F
  • WEDNESDAY: 1:30 to 4pm last names G through L
  • THURSDAY: 1:30 to 4pm last names M through R
  • FRIDAY: 1:30 to 4pm last names S through Z

We understand that not all visitors are able to visit during the week so there will be limited access on Saturday and Sunday between 1:30-4pm. Inmates who are unable to receive visits during their scheduled day may submit a written request to a supervisor requesting a special weekend visit. Inmates must submit their request by 5pm Thursday for a weekend visit. A supervisor will return the request by Friday approving or denying the request. Only approved visitors will be permitted into the jail for weekend visitation. The jail is adhering to state mandated covid-19 protocols. We will require that visitors wear an appropriate face covering while waiting in the lobby.   


Jose Briones, Chief Jail Administrator

Island County Sheriff's Office

Mission Statement

The Island County Sheriff’s Department’s Corrections Division is dedicated to providing a safe and secure facility for those entrusted to our care. It is ingrained in our departmental character to uphold the law and is professionally delivered with the utmost integrity. We remain ever diligent to the citizens of the County of Island with the confidence our staff remain professional in the performance of their duties and vigilant in their efforts to safeguard the community.


Jail Overview

The Jail was remodeled with additional space in 1983 and is a traditional linear style (cell block and dormitory) facility which houses both sentenced and pre-trial maximum security inmates. The Jail is designed to house up to 58 inmates at any given time.

Inmates have access to outdoor recreation, mail, commissary purchases (minor grocery store food items and sundries), and special programs. Inmates also receive medical, mental health, and dental care. Religious services, and some offender change programs are also offered. Public visiting is also available on a rotational basis, please review our Visiting Protocols page for more information. Sentenced inmates may be eligible to perform work in the facility kitchen or custodial crews and receive “work-time” credits to reduce their sentences. Eligible inmates may qualify for the Community Work Program or Electronic Monitoring Program.



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