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Damage reporting is, by design, a two part process:

Part 1, Initial Damage Reporting: The counties must report damage totals to the state so the state can determine if the Governor should request a Presidential Disaster Declaration and should Island County be specifically included; and if included, will that declaration cover both public infrastructure damage (PDA) and assistance to individuals and businesses (IA).

Part 2, Registering Claims: If the state receives a Presidential Disaster Declaration and Island County is included for both PDA and IA, then individuals with damage to primary residences and business must register their claim with FEMA.

Part 1, Initial Damage Reporting - Damage to Private Property and Businesses

If your primary residence and/or business in Island County has sustained damage from wind, rain, or flooding during a natural hazard incident or other emergency, please report that damage by filling in the form at the "Reporting Damage" link.

Reporting damage is no guarantee that you or the county will qualify for any Federal or other assistance, but the county and the state cannot qualify for assistance without accurate and timely reports of damage.

If you need help with this process, please contact the Island County DEM at 360-679-7370 or dem@co.island.wa.us

Part 2, Registering Claims with FEMA

If a Presidential Disaster Declaration is received by the state and includes Island County and that declaration includes Individual Assistance (IA) - then persons who want to receive private property help under this declaration (primary residences and businesses) will be required to go on-line to the following link: "REGISTER" and register their damage claim with FEMA.

If you need help with this process, please contact the Island County DEM at 360-679-7370 or dem@co.island.wa.us

For additional information about the damage reporting and damage registration processes please use the Washington State EMD link: DAMAGE REPORTING


If your are reporting storm or other damage to public property or infrastructure use the following link to the PDA process:


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