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Emergency management (mitigation, preparation, response, recovery) are parts of a continuous process of planning, exercise, review, and change.  DEM is a participant, provider, and a facilitator of exercises for organizations within the county.  Exercise participation is not just limited to the disciplines of law enforcement, fire services, public health, emergency medicine, public works, hazardous materials, emergency management, and emergency communications.  Many other organizations from water associations, school districts, and neighborhood associations can make use of exercises to test their emergency plans and preparation, find their strengths and weaknesses, and determine their training and equipment needs.

Exercises are seldom "off the shelf" projects and to be most effective they have to be designed to meet the situation and needs of the requesting organization.  DEM can provide support to county organizations exercise planning and conduct.  Some organizations can qualify for exercise support funding under the Homeland Security Grant Program.

Detailed documentation for exercise planning, conduct, and evaluation can be provided by DEM.  Exercise planning and evaluation is also part of the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP).  Three of the four volumes making up this program are available on the internet on the ODP web site



Discussion Based

Discussion based exercises are normally the starting pint in the building block approach to the exercise cycle and program.  Discussion based exercises typically focus on existing plans, policies,mutual aid agreements,and procedures.  Discussion based exercises are just that and are normally the simplest and less costly exercises to host.  Types of discussion based exercises are:




Operations Based

Operations-based exercises are the next step in the exercise cycle.  Operations based exercises clarify roles and responsibilities, identify gaps in resources, and improve individual and team performance.  Operations- based exercises are the most intricate and costly to conduct.  Types of operations-based exercises are:


Functional Exercises

Full Scale Exercises