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Island County > Emergency Management > Premiliminary Damage Assessments


The following information was taken from the Washington State EMD Public Assistance web page.

You can quickly link to the site with the following link:



At the onset of an emergency or disaster, the Washington Emergency Management Division (EMD) must determine the extent of the damages that occurred to state and local public facilities. Through the Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) process EMD will obtain the information necessary to put forth a request through the Governor to FEMA for a Presidential Disaster Declaration for Public Assistance.

In order to accomplish this, at the onset of a disaster state agencies and county emergency management offices are requested to complete an initial assessment of the damage sustained by the affected public agencies in their jurisdictions. The county emergency management office will coordinate the data collection for their jurisdiction. The county's public agencies are defined as:

All local public agencies - cities, towns, utility (water, sewer, electrical) and other special-purpose districts to include school districts, Indian tribes, fire districts, and certain private non-profit organizations.

To prepare the initial assessment, each public agency is asked to complete a Preliminary Damage Assessment Estimates - Site/Category (PA-2) form for each category (type) of damage caused by the disaster. The cost estimates from each Category form will be summarized for a total cost estimate on the Preliminary Damage Assessment Summary (PA-1).

The intent of the forms is to depict the magnitude, impact, dollar damage, and what action is going to be taken to deal with the situation. Local agencies will forward the worksheets and summary forms to their county emergency management office for coordination.

Each county emergency management office will forward the county-wide information to EMD, Public Assistance Program. The completion of these forms and the total impact of the damage will help determine whether a formal Preliminary Damage Assessment should be pursued at the state level.

The PDA process is necessary if the state is to request federal assistance for your jurisdiction. If damage assessment information is not received in a timely manner, your jurisdiction's information will not be included in the initial assessment of needs for public facilities.

As stated in the beginning, this text, the PDA forms and completion instructions can be found on the EMD web page at the following link:


Please address any questions to the Island County DEM office at: dem@co.island.wa.us