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Island County > Emergency Management > Hazard Mitigation


This is the main page for information and documents related to the Island County Multi-Jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Plan. 


The Island County mitigation plan was approved by FEMA Region 10 on 15 January, 2008 and remains ineffect until 15 January 2012

The files linked below are the current versions of documents being used in the plan.

Useful Documents for the Planning Process

Currently the following documents are available for viewing or downloading:

Mitigation Plan HIVA

Hazard Risk Assessment Form and Instructions

Special Taxing District Profile Template

Review of County and Municipal Codes

Compiled list of Grants, Loans, and Assistance

Plan Sections and Components

Executive Summary


Section 1, Introduction, Purpose

Section 2, Planning Process

Section 3, HIVA

Section 4, Critical Facilities & Infrastructure

Section 5, Mitigation Goals & Initiatives

Section 6, Plan Maintenance

Appendix A, Public Participation Initiatives

Appendix B, Island County HIVA

Appendix C-1, Unincorporated Island County

Appendix C-2, Neighborhood Characteristics

Appendix C-3, At Risk Areas

Appendix D, Mitigation Policies and Programs

Appendix E, Critical Facilities

Appendix F, Jurisdiction Profiles -

Appendix G, Federal Mitigation Programs, Activities, and Initiatives

Appendix H, Procedure to Add a Jurisdiction to the Plan

Appendix I, Planning Meeting Minutes

Good Mitigation Plan Examples

Approved mitigation plans from other counties are on line and are useful for reference and format.  Some of those plans are linked below:

Kitsap County

Skagit County

Snohomish County

Washington State Hazard Mitigation Plan

Mitigation Program Information

FEMA has a wealth of information on mitigation programs, planning, and grant opportunities.  Links to those sites follow:

FEMA Mitigation Activities

FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)

Pre Disaster Mitigation Grant Program (PDM)

If you have questions about the hazard mitigation planning process, please call Island County DEM at 360-679-7370 or e-mail at:  dem@co.island.wa.us