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Drought Safety

Washington has a statutory definition of drought (RCW 43.83B.400). According to state law, an area is in a drought condition when:

  •  The water supply for the area is below 75 percent of normal.

  • Water uses and users in the area will likely incur undue hardships because of the water shortage.

Droughts occur slowly but can last awhile whereas other disasters tend to occur quickly. We would have warning ahead of time that a drought is possible, but you still want to be prepared ahead of time. Learn what to expect if we go into a drought.  Washington Department of Ecology has great information on their page.

Wildfire Safety

Resources for your home and family:

Firewise How To Prepare Your Home

Firewise How To Prepare Your Home 2



Summer Safety

Island County is a popular destination in the summer. There are ways that citizens can prepare for any emergency that might arise in summertime.


Have you thought about the possibility of heat exhaustion? Our summers are fairly mild but it is still a possibility. Make sure you wear the proper clothing and know the warning signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.


Boating Safety

Boating is a popular activity in the summer here. Learn about the hazards you might face! 

Always know the weather before you go out.


When at the beach there are dangers that you might not be aware of, this is a great infographic to highlight those dangers. Make sure you keep curious kids and pets away!



nsbc wear it boat responsibly infographic-2017-uscg-data.pdf