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There are a few hazards Island County residents may face while living here. Our county is set on multiple fault lines meaning an earthquake can occur at any time. An earthquake can lead to a risk for a tsunami. Our most common hazards are high wind, winter storms, and heat waves. These happen annually and we can prepare for them ahead of time. As an island community we need to prepare for these hazards ahead of time. Help may take awhile to arrive. You can learn more about each hazard by clicking on the tabs above or on the left side.​

Where Are My Hazards?

Where Are My Hazards is a web mapping application that allows you to search for an address and see the locations of hazards nearby. These hazards include Tsunami Inundation Zones, Flood Zones, Landslide Hazard Areas, and other hazards that are addressed in the upcoming Multi-Jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Plan. Click the link below to be taken to the Where Are My Hazards application.​


Click here for the 'Where are​ my hazards?' app