How much does Drug Court cost?

There is a $500 administrative fee that all participants must pay in Adult Drug Court. There is no fee for Juvenile Drug Court.  In addition, Drug Court participants must pay full restitution to the victim of the crime with which they are charged. 

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1. How does Drug Court work?
2. What does a drug court participant have to do while in Drug Court?
3. Who determines who is eligible for Drug Court?
4. Who is on the Drug Court Team?
5. How long does Drug Court last?
6. How much does Drug Court cost?
7. What if a participant can't afford to pay for the treatment?
8. Can people charged with violent crimes or sex crimes participate in Drug Court?
9. This sounds like a lot of money to be spending on a bunch of criminals. Is it worth it?
10. This sounds like you'll be holding a lot of extra court hearings. How many more people did Island County have to hire to run a drug court?
11. I know someone who would benefit from Drug Court. Who should I contact for more information?