I don't have a traditional address, how do I register and vote?
  • You can register to vote in the county in which you live in WA State.  Voter registration forms are available at libraries and County Election Offices.
  • Register by providing a place where you spend most of your time as your residential address; you can list another place where you can receive mail as your mailing address.
  • Voters must fill out the residential address line on a voter registration form so that we can assign their voting precinct.  This address can be a park, intersection, or another place listed on a map.
  • Voters must also provide a mailing address to which their ballot can be mailed.  The mailing address can be the address of a friend or relative, the address of a shelter or center where you can receive mail, or it can be General Delivery at a post office.
  • Ballots can be returned by USPS mail, no stamp required, or ballots can be dropped in any Official County Ballot Drop Box, no postage required.

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