I received a summons again. Why do I get one every year while my spouse has not received one?

Summonses are issued randomly and based on your information with two separate sources.  If you have a state issued ID/driver's license under one name and your voter registration has a different name or spelling, your name may appear on the list twice.  Additionally, Island County has two courts – Superior Court in Coupeville and District Court in Oak Harbor – that issue summonses.  This may also increase your chances of receiving a summons.  Please note if you have previously been granted a deferment and receive a new summons a few months later, this is still related to your original summons.  You did not get summonsed a second time.  


You received a summons in January for jury duty in April.  You requested and were granted a four month deferment with a new report date in August.  In May you receive a summons for jury duty in August.  This is still the same summons.

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