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Final  Design Presentation - 
SHKS Architects presented their final design to the Island County Board of Commissioners, Elected Officials and Department Heads on Jan 22.  
The presentation document can be found here: 19-0122 ICCA Board Presentation_FINAL.pdf

The BOCC signed the  construction contract  with Faber Construction on May 28, 2019.

CONTRACT DOCUMENTS: Camano Administration Building
Completed Bid Form Faber Bid 4-16-19.pdf
​Performance & Payment Bond Payment-Performance Bond_Camano Administration Bldg.pdf
​Contract contract faber 05-28-19 signed by all.pdf
​Contract Specifications:  Division 00 through 33 Contract Specifications Div 00 - Div 33 3-7-2019.pdf
Addendum No. 1 Dated: 03-15-19
Bid Addenda Narrative (1) 3-15-2019.pdf
Addendum No. 2 Dated: 03-29-19
Bid Addenda Narrative (2) 3-29-2019.pdf
Add 2.pdf
Addendum No. 3 Dated: 04-08-19
Bid Addenda Narrative (3) 4-8-2019.pdf
Add 3.pdf
​Drawings Plan Set.pdf

Why build a new Camano Administrative Building?

When the existing Camano Annex was built in the 1970's and piece-mealed years later, Camano Island had much less population than it has today. This was before modern building code standards for earthquakes and ADA were in place. The existing Annex has seen nearly 50 years of public use.  Meanwhile, our Island County Sheriff Deputies have been crammed into a less than adequate 1,000 square foot temporary, modular Camano Precinct building.   The current Multi-Purpose Center is also beyond it's useful life as community meeting space.   There are functional difficulties within all three existing buildings that must be resolved.   A new Camano Administrative Building will combine the Administrative offices, the Sheriff's Offices and Public spaces in one multi-use flexible space and also allow  Island County to improve the services provided to our customers.

Where will the new Camano Administrative Building be located?

On the site of the "Old Camano Road Shop".   In other words, just outside the front door of the existing Camano Annex.  The Old Camano Road Shop demolition occurred in July, 2018.

When will construction begin and how long until the project is complete?
Construction is expected to begin late spring of 2019. Building completion is expected approximately one year later in 2020.  A brief project schedule found here: schedule.png
How much will the project cost?  

In 2017, the Island County Board of Commissioners approved funding for the architectural design of the new Camano Administration Building.  The total project cost is $5 million. 

Who is designing the new Camano Administrative Building?

An architectural team from SHKS Architects is working diligently on the design to meet our deadlines.  SHKS Architects connects people with place, community with culture, and architecture with the environment.  Collaborating with clients on programming and design, SHKS encourages clients and project team members to optimize public and community and explore the interactions of public and building.  SHKS Architects, located in Seattle, is a team of over twenty professionals – architects and designers – collaborating on projects across Washington State. The project team for the Island County Camano Administration Building includes principals Jonathan Hartung and Kevin Kane, associate Matt Inpanbutr, and Sean Kelly.  To learn more about SHKS Architects, visit their website: SHKS Architects

An open house was held Thursday, July 26 at 121 N East Camano Drive for the public to view schematic drawings related to the new Island County Camano Administration Building.
During the open house on , the public was invited to submit their opinions and questions on comment cards.    A condensed version of the comments/questions and our response can be found HERE.

 For more information, please contact Larry Van Horn, Island County Facilities Management Director at (360) 678-7871.  

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