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Island County > General Services Administration > Board of Equalization > Property Assessment Appeals Process
​​Pro​​perty Assessment Appeals Process

To appeal an Assessor's valuation of your property from your recently mailed Valuation Notice you must file, in a timely manner, a completed appeal petition with the Island County Board of Equalization. There is no fee charged for filing an appeal. Petitions must be received by the Board on or before July 1st of the assessment year* or within thirty (30) calendar days after the date of the value change notice. If submitted by mail, petitions must be postmarked by the post office no later than the filing deadline.

The appeal petition form must be used; a letter or phone call is not acceptable as a substitute for the petition form. You must submit separate petitions for each parcel that you want the Board to review. The appeal process is comprised of 2 steps:

  • Registering your appeal by filing the minimum information on Form A within 30 days of your assessment notice, and

  • Providing detailed evidence as early in the appeal process as possible, but at least no later than 21 business days prior to any schedule hearing for the subject property.

Petition forms are available through the following means:

  1. Via download, Click Here (USE  THIS FORM FOR REAL ESTATE)

  2. By calling the General Services Administration at:

  3. By coming to the General Services Administration office located:

    Administration Building 
    Second Floor, Suite 200
    1 N.E. 7th Street
    Coupeville, WA
*Assessment year is the year before the tax is due. Under very limited conditions, late petitions or appeals for previous assessment years may be accepted. {WAC 458-14-056; 458-14-127} Please contact our office regarding this conditions.

If you have not received your Valuation notice from the Island County Assessor, please e-mail your name, address and parcel number to Valuation Request. ​​