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CHAB Accomplishments

Eighteen years of CHAB Accomplishments:



21-Member Board appointed and met for training (initial CHAB appointees)


Supported reorganization of the Health Department's Human Services Section


Supported building the North Island Family Resource Center... origin of the present Oak Harbor Rural Health Clinic


Published a listing of Parenting Classes offered in Island County


Detailed for the Highway Department a listing of preventable injuries (MVA, 
   pedestrian, bicycle &  motorcycle) from 1988 thru 1993 occurring in Island County


Formed a subcommittee to address issues of pedestrian walkways


Became a seed group for a Coalition for Tobacco Cessation


Supported the development of the South Island Family Resource Center



Wrote letters to support prioritization of road improvements at sites of frequent auto crashes


Supported a Volunteer Coordinator position for the Health Department


Supported changing the route of Free Island Transport to deliver clients to the North Whidbey Resource Center


Four areas were identified for assessment and policy development: 
Tobacco Cessation; Access to Health Care; Injury & Violence; Health Dept Capacity


Supported the Health Department Budget Proposal


Supported the change of location of Health & Human Services Resource Center


CHAB members recommended to the Community Public Health and Safety Network


Wrote letters to support the defeat of Referendum 43


Supported the development of Camano Island Family Resource Center



Initiated policy decisions to modify intersections, roads and access ramps for the disabled


Advised the Board of Health about issues to suggest to the State Board of Health for its Annual Report


Participated in the production and distribution of a directory of Non-smoking restaurants in Island County


Supported the addition of Dental Services to the Family Resource Centers


Requested support for the Public Health Improvement Plan


Requested of the Commissioners that a representative of local hospital administration be added to CHAB


Initiated quarterly CHAB Newsletter 


Participated in the Public Health & Safety Network "Prioritizing of Health Issues" exercise



Sent a formal invitation to Board of Health members to attend CHAB meetings 


Adopted the "Community Health Process" as an operating model


Assisted in the identification of Health Status Indicators for the community health assessment


Created new committees: Leadership; Legislative; Community Connections; & Health Priorities.Adopted guidelines for working in committees 


Developed a Vision For a Healthy Island County 2020
Supported the Health Department's Budget presentation to the BICC.


Camano Health Advisory Team established



CHAB began to make monthly reports to the Board of Health


"Special Report: Island County – What Makes This a Healthy Place to Live" was published, identifying 6 priority health issues: Tobacco Use, Alcohol Abuse, Domestic Violence, Injury, Drinking Water, & Support for Youth.


First Joint Health Policy meeting sponsored by CHAB. (Board of Health, Board of Hospital Commissioners, Medical Staff, Whidbey Naval Hospital, Whidbey General Hospital and Health Department administrative staff.)


CHAB home-page web site is online


CHAB members completed 37 community presentations and collected over 500 surveys of priority health concerns from the community.


CHAB members prioritized health issues based on the community health assessment, the issue experts' presentations and the community survey. Community Support for Youth was the top priority identified, followed by alcohol abuse and domestic violence.


Second Joint Health Policy Meeting sponsored by CHAB



Formed a coalition to support youth with the Community Network and the Mental Health & Substance Abuse Advisory Boards


60 youths attended a meeting to assist in identification of community assets


CHAB advocates for youth members to be included on CHAB. Bylaws are changed to address the inclusion of eight student members — two from each school district in Island County


Youth summit is held and 60 people come together to discuss "Supporting Our Youth". Out of the youth summit, ten imperative groups are formed to implement local projects that support youth in North, Central, South Whidbey, and Camano Island. Community groups work on the imperatives throughout  the year, developing plans/activities and logic models for evaluation.


Participated in the Camano Health Care Center groundbreaking (the imperative group put together a resource directory and arranged for a Vista volunteer receptionist for the center).


Held the first CHAB/CHAT Joint Retreat at the Farmhouse Inn where the group decided to study the expansion of the Board of Health and study replication of CHAT in other areas of the county. Dr.  Herb McDonald wrote and delivered " Citizen Participation in Public Health", a challenge to community members to participate in community activities.



CHAB successfully advocates for expansion of the Island County Board of Health. New members  include one elected official from Whidbey General Hospital (a Board Commissioner), an elected Mayor of one of the cities, and the Commanding Officer of the Naval Hospital (ex-officio).


A Technical Planning & Evaluation Document (Supporting Youth in Island County – 1999) is produced that includes logic models for evaluation of the imperatives initiated from the Youth Summit of 1998.


CHAB instigates a health leadership program the "Community Health Hero of Island County" with the first recognition to be awarded in December of 2000.



Three CHAB members and all three Island County Commissioners attend the Local Boards of Health Workshop.


Secured funding of $26,250 from a number of community partners to conduct an Island County 2000 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS).


CHAB Outcomes and Evaluation Task Force conducts two self-evaluations of the imperatives and publishes reports of findings (Youth & Family Summit Semi-Annual Report. . . with handouts at the December 2000 meeting.


Island County BRFSS is begun, with continuation in November & December, and again in February 2001.


CHAB is awarded a Washington State Association of Public Health Officials (WSALPHO) Award of Excellence in Public Health. Three CHAB members attend the Washington State Joint Conference on Public Health to accept the award and make a presentation on "Implementing and Maintaining Effective Community Health Boards".


Held a Joint Board of Health/ CHAB dinner meeting at Whidbey General Hospital with a recap of CHAactivities for the year, which included At this joint meeting, CHAB also presented their first Annual Health Hero of Island County Award to the founders of the Child Abuse Foundation, Neal & Linda Hooberman.


All Year     Long

Developed thorough presentations of each of thirteen health modules that incorporated BRFSS data, and state data from a variety of sources, and prioritized 46 health issues which were distilled into four health issue areas to be addressed by CHAHealth Action Teams.


Held the Joint Board of Health/ CHAannual dinner meeting where the activities of CHAwere reviewed for the Board of Health. Also presented the now-named Linda Lee Martens Community Health Hero of Island County Award to nine awardees.


January -






Formed a Steering Committee to work with ICPH staff in writing an Environmental Health grant request to CDC. The request was successful in obtaining a three-year funding of $170,000 per year to  develop and demonstrate successfully engaging a community in environmental assessment and development of action plans and policy development around those issues.Formed a 26 member Environmental Health Assessment Team composed of diverse community members to address the terms of the Environmental Health CDC grant. This team has met monthly since it was finally selected and appointed in September 2002.

The four Health Action Teams researched their health topics, developed position papers, presented their findings to CHAand prepared issue reports which will be published and made available to the residents of Island County


Collected nominations for the Linda Lee Martens Memorial Health Hero of Island County Award


May -

Held a Joint Board of Health/ CHAB dinner meeting with 
presentation of the past 18 months activities and summary 
reports from the Health Actions Teams. Linda Lee Martins 
Memorial Health Hero of Island County Awards were presented 
to eleven recipients and agencies.

November -

Completed work on compiling three reports to the community on 
topics identified as issues of interest by the community. These
Reports are available at the Health Department facilities throughout 
Island County and online at these links: 
Child Support & Parent Education,   Chronic Illness, Prevention
and Physical Activity
,    Mental Health

December -

Collected nominations for the Linda Lee Martens Memorial Health
Hero of Island County Award



Completed compiling the The Health of Island County, 2003,  the
culmination of a  3-year gathering of factual data gleaned from 
surveys, census information, and statistical reports on Island 
County. Portions of this report will be updated each year so that all
information will be current... useful for grant writers and folks 
interested in current factual information about island county and its
residents. This report was presented to various community support
activities, and is available on disc, at Island County libraries and 
Island County Public Health. An executive summary of the report is
available online 
here, and a brief power point presentation of the 

May -

Held a Joint Board of Health/ CHAB dinner meeting with presentation
of the past 18 months activities and summary reports from the Health
Actions Teams. Linda Lee Martins Memorial Health Hero of  Island 
County Awards 


Collected and collated information to compile the "Health of Island 
County, 2004"


Jan / Feb -


May - 

Collected nominations for the Linda Lee Martens Health Hero of 
Island County Award
Held a Joint Board of Health/ CHAB dinner meeting with presentation
of the past 18 months activities and summary reports from the 
Health Actions 
Linda Lee Martins Memorial Health Hero of Island County Awards


Put together the "The Health of Island County, 2004"(a ppt 
(executive summary) (full report) and the
Key Indicators Update 2005  (pdf file)


Jan/Feb -


Collected nominations for the Linda Lee Martens Health Hero of 
Island County Award
Held a Joint Board of Health/ CHAB dinner meeting with presentation 
of the past 18 months activities and summary reports from the Health 
Action Teams. Linda Lee Martins Memorial Health Hero of Island County

and Autumn project

Initiated the Children's Commission study group and Task Force to explore
the community's unmet demands for children with special care needs, 
gaps in children's care programs, and means to address those needs. Also
collected funding to sponsor the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey
for the 2007 program. Survey was conducted in the late autumn of 2006.







 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS) 2007
Also brought the Mental Health Initiative to the Board of Health for 
approval, providing funding for several mental health program needs
for Island County residents.

Held a Joint Board of Health/ CHAB dinner meeting with presentation
of the past 18 months activities and summary reports from the Health
Actions Teams
 Linda Lee Martins Memorial Health Hero of Island County Awards.
Mental Health Initiative passed by voters of Island County to support
several programs for those sorely in need of support for mental health
Children's Commission inaugurated and members appointed by the
Board of Health. This is a stand-alone  Board that will address issues
for all children birth to 18 in Island County... another CHAB success
story!   (This activity had to go  into recess in 2010 due to lack of funding
support, and remains in recess at present)



2008 - 2012 Accomplishments not yet entered...​​

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