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​​About CHAB 

​​The Island County Community Health Advisory Board was founded in 1992 with Resolution HD-10-92, and is the longest-standing health advisory board in Washington State.  ​

​​Meeting Times and Contacts

​​CHAB meets the first Friday of each month from 10:00am - 12:15pm.  

Location: Commissioner's Hearing Room - Annex B102

1 NE 6th Street | Coupeville, WA  | 98239

CHAB is staffed by Island County Public Health. Please contact Laura Luginbill, Assessment and Healthy Communities Director, with questions or to attend a meeting.​

Background ​

The Island County Board of Health (BOH) selected its first 21-member Community Health Advisory Board (CHAB) on March 8, 1993. The members, pictured below, first met for an indoctrination seminar with the Island County Board of Health and staff members, and with members of the Washington State Department of Health on March 13, 1993. CHAB was established to provide a community forum to assess the community's health concerns and needs, prioritize and recommend policy to address those concerns, and to assure that such policies attend to the community's needs. CHAB was further charged to address concerns in any area affecting health -- be it personal health, environmental health, poverty, homelessness, joblessness, abuse, or any other concern impacting community well-being -- and to advise the local Board of Health of measures requiring BOH or other community action.
Original CHAB Membership Photo, 13 March 1993
Our Vision: Island County in the Year 2020 . . .What will it be like?  We invite you to join us in creating a vision that will guide our decision making as a community and help us decide where to put our energy and resources now and in the future.

Our Vision for a healthy Island County in the year 2020:

Community health is community wealth... lets all invest in it!

  • Every child has a loving, nurturing parent/family. and there is a connectedness among families who help each other when in need. 

  • We are compassionate and respectful of others, even in the resolving of conflicts. 

  • We equally value people of all ages and see a wide mix of ages in our schools, our workplaces, and our apartment dwellings. 

  • Our schools are preparing our children for real world challenges and also teaching them healthy lifestyle practices so they can avoid unnecessary diseases in the future. 

  • We have clean air and clean water and continue to preserve all the natural beauty of the islands. 

  • We have healthy, locally grown food available to us, and we have trail systems throughout the islands that foster more walking/hiking. 

  • People feel safe wherever they are. 

  • Our work places value health and in many ways demonstrate that they value family needs as well. 

  • Affordable health care is easily accessible to everyone and includes alternative as well as traditional medicine, with an on-going emphasis on prevention. 

  • We have central community gathering locations/community hubs where people of all ages come together for a wide variety of activities. 

  • We have community celebration days that bring people together in the spirit of celebration.​​​

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