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About CHAB

​​Background ​

The Island County Board of Health (BOH) selected its first 21-member Community Health Advisory Board (CHAB) on March 8, 1993. CHAB was established to provide a community forum to assess the community's health concerns and needs, prioritize and recommend policy to address those concerns, and to assure that such policies attend to the community's needs. CHAB was further charged to address concerns in any area affecting health -- be it personal health, environmental health, poverty, homelessness, joblessness, abuse, or any other concern impacting community well-being -- and to advise the local Board of Health of measures requiring BOH or other community action.

What is a CHAB?

The community health advisory board CHAB) helps the county Board of Healthconnect with its' community. Advisory board sare a formal method for generating public interaction, and are created to advise, consult with, and make recommendations to policymakers.

Who can be on CHAB?

You do not need any special qualificationsto be on CHAB:
  • What’s most important is yourexperience as a member of thecommunity.
  • We will provide you with any other training you need.

Why should you become a CHAB member?

Advisory board members provide a voice to public health programs. Applications are available online and can be submitted at anytime.  

What does CHAB do?

A CHAB board member will:

  • Discuss ideas and issues that the board of health is not yet ready to formally consider
  • On behalf of the board of health, research new orcontroversial ideas, specific topics, andprofessional input
  • Help build consensus on difficult issues
  • Serve as an advisory for the community health improvement plan
  • Provide connections between the board of health and the community
Is being a CHAB member right for you?
Being a CHAB member may be a good match with your skills and experiences if you can:
  • Speak up and share suggestions and potential solutions to help improve community health
  • Talk about your experiences as an Island Countyresident and/or as a patient/consumer
  • of public health services member—but also think beyond yourown personal experiences
  • Work with people who may be different from you
  • Listen to and think about what others say, evenwhen you disagree
  • Bring a positive attitude to discussions
  • Dedicate at least four hours each month to CHAB