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C​​HAB Members

2022 Board Members


Melissa Frasch – Brown-Oak Harbor
Ms. Frasch-Brown has worked for a decade to provided social services to
Island County low income, homeless and disabled residents. As a housing
case manager, Ms. Frasch-Brown worked in partnership with the Housing
Authority and with CADA to provide emergency shelter & transitional
housing services to overcome homelessness. Most recently Ms. Frasch-
Brown has been appointed to service as the director of the Opportunity
 Council’s Island County location.

Kim Williams – Camano
Ms. Williams is an experienced leader of a large healthcare system. Ms.
Williams has served as board president for the North Sound Accountable
Community of Health, a non-profit working towards the integration and
the transformation of healthcare services for Medicaid enrollees across
the North Sound region. Most recently Ms. Williams has been elected
to serve as the Fire Commissioner representing Camano Island. Ms.
Williams vision for a healthier community includes an Island County that
works to “improve health and wellbeing for all of Island County, included
 is that should be ways to measure and share data with residents.”

Wendy Gilbert – Freeland
Ms. Gilbert is an experienced leader in the healthcare sector, specifically
rehab, senior, and hospice facilities. Ms. Gilbert serves on the advisory
council for the Northwest Regional Council, a government human
services organization working to help seniors and adults with disabilities
live in their homes and communities for as long as possible, postponing
or eliminating the need for residential or institutional care (such as
nursing homes.) Ms. Gilberts vision for a healthier community includes
an Island County that has “secure access to housing, medical services,
and food for all Island County residents.”

E.Lavery bio photo-website (2).jpg

Erin Lavery – Camano
Ms. Lavery is a professional mental health counselor and works for a
healthcare organization to improve healthcare quality. Ms. Lavery is
passionate about advocating for those who don't have a voice in
government. Having been taught as a young child the importance of
giving back, Ms. Lavery has spent most her life in some form of
services to others including volunteering at the senior center,
support group facilitation for underserved communities, fundraising
for the Pierce County AIDS Foundation, selling books for the Friends
of the King County Library, and providing in-home support to a
chronically ill member of the Centers for Spiritual Living. Ms. Lavery
states her vision for a healthier community is an Island County “where people feel like they 
are heard and respected, can access the health care they need and understand how to advocate for                       their wellbeing.”

Charlotte McRill – Oak Harbor
Ms. McRill is a professional librarian who has years of experience working
as a consumer and corporate health librarian. Ms. McRill is a leader in her
field having contributed papers and presentations at both national and
state conference related to health literacy and consumer health
information.  Ms. McRill also worked on a grant to the national network
of libraries of medicine. As a member of CHAB, Ms. McRill would like to
work to recommend policies that promote exercise programs in the
schools & community that can address chronic disease prevention for
all ages and health insurance equity.

Bob Uhrich – Camano
Mr. Uhrich is an environmental scientist working with Northwest Clean Air
 Agency, a regional entity serving Island, Skagit, and Whatcom Counties.
As an air quality specialist, Mr. Uhrich enforces local, state, and federal
air quality regulations, interacting with multiple county agencies, local
businesses, and residents. In his role with the NWCAA, Mr. Uhrich has had
 an opportunity to identify overlaps and opportunities where united and
aligned resources with Island County would better achieve common
community health goals. And as a lifelong Camano resident, Mr. Uhrich
brings his historical knowledge of his community including long standing
needs related to healthcare and access to basic services. Mr. Uhrich states
his vision for a healthier community is an Island County “where people
have opportunities to better their lives.”

Deborah Seymour Ferguson – Camano
Ms. Ferguson is an experienced healthcare professional (pharmacist)
Who has worked with USC in community-based research and outreach
in collaboration with various public health organizations in Los Angeles
County. In recent years, Ms. Ferguson has worked tirelessly during the
pandemic with the Camano Island Food Bank, serving isolated seniors
and working with community members to facilitate food donations.
Ms. Fergusons would like to work on support and advocate for
Community members with mental health issues, specifically those
related to isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beth Rahi – Clinton
Ms. Rahi is an experienced professional caregiver. Her experiences
includes both direct care and management of programs that provide
care for seniors in Island County through organizations including Island
Senior Services and the Department of Health and Social Services. Ms.
Rahi is passionate about advocating for the needs of family caregivers.
In her personal life she has served on the board of faith-based
organizations for over 14 years. According to Ms. Rahi, she “would like
 to see Island County increase its awareness of issues and work in a
coordinated and planned way to improve access to care through
collaboration between government; non-profits; faith-based
organizations; businesses with the general public!” 

George Westergaard  – Langley
Mr. Westergaard has years of experience as a public-school educator of
social studies, government, and politics. Mr. Westergaard is a leader in
 his field having contributed to the development of nationally used
curriculum and served as a leader for teachers from school districts
across the United States, training them the necessary skills for successful
l education of youth in government and politics. 

Michele Aguilar-Kahrs – Freeland
Ms. Aguilar-Kahr is an experienced professional in the world of non-profits
and philanthropy. Most recently Ms. Michele Aguilar Kahrs has worked
with the Bezos Foundation to manage grantees of Vroom, an evidence-
based practice that promotes parent-child engagement and gives low-
income parents the tools they need to give their children the best start in
 life. In her role as a parent of young children, Ms. Aguilar-Kahr has served
 on the parent advisory board for her daycare as a trained facilitator in
equity-based change.

Rene Denman  – Oak Harbor

Ms. Denman has worked as the Executive Director of the Toddler Learning center, a Neurodevelopment Center providing birth to three Early Support Services for Island and San Juan Counties. Ms. Denman serves on the funding and public policy committee for the Early Support for Infants and Toddlers State Interagency Coordinating Council (SICC)    and is a member of Partners in Young Children, Island County. Ms. Denman would like to see Island County resources that are diverse, inclusive and equitable. 

Chasity Smith  – Langley

Ms. Smith is an experienced and knowledgeable social and health professional. She is a passionate advocate for the health needs of her community.  Currently, Ms. Smith, supports Adult Protective Services through resource development, outreach and education. She brings a plethora of experience as a board member on various state and local boards, with an emphasis on supporting the vulnerable members of communities in Washington. 

If you have an interest in ​helping to develop policy for the Board of Health, and/or to participate in addressing health issues in our community, please attend a meeting and consider joining.       (Application)