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​CHA​​B Bylaws


Adopted March 3, 1998

Revised September 13, 2022

Article I:  NAME

The name of this Board shall be the Island County Community Health Advisory Board.

Article II:  PURPOSE

As established by the Island County Board of Health in Resolution HD-10-92 and specified in Chapter 8.13.020 of the Island County Code, the purpose of the Advisory Board is to promote public participation in and identification of public health needs, to develop public health policies and procedures by which Island County can address those needs, and to assist in assuring that health needs are met for citizens of Island County. The advisory board shall act strictly in an advisory capacity directly to the Island County Board of Health.

 The community health advisory board shall:
a) Provide input to the local board of health in the recruitment and selection of an administrative officer, pursuant to RCW 70.05.045, and local health officer, pursuant to RCW 70.05.050;
b) Use a health equity framework to conduct, assess, and identify the community health needs of the jurisdiction, and review and recommend public health policies and priorities for the local health jurisdiction and advisory board to address community health needs;
c) Evaluate the impact of proposed public health policies and programs, and assure identified public health needs and concerns are being met;
d) Promote public participation in identification of local public health needs;
e) Provide community forums and hearings as assigned by the local board of health;
f) Establish community task forces as assigned by the local board of health;
g) Review and make recommendations to the health department and local board of health for an annual budget and fees;
h) Review and advise on local public health process in achieving performance measures and outcomes to ensure continuous quality improvement and accountability. 


Section 1.  The CHAB shall consist of nine (9) to twenty-one (21) persons who work and/or reside in Island County, are nominated by the Advisory Board, and formally appointed after review by the Island County Board of Health.

Section 2.  The Island County Health Officer and a member of the local board of health shall act as ex-officio member of the Advisory Board.

Section 3.  The Advisory Board membership shall be representative of the diversity of viewpoints in Island County CHAB attempts to maintain diverse geographic and community systems focus in its membership. The advisory board must be broadly representative of the character of the community. Membership preference shall be given to tribal, racial, ethnic, and other minorities. The advisory board must consist of a balance of members with expertise, career experience, and consumer experience in areas impacting public health and with populations served by the health department. The board’s composition shall include:
a) Members with expertise in and experience with:
i. Health care access and quality;
ii. Physical environment, including built and natural environments;
iii. Social and economic sectors, including housing, basic needs, education, and employment;
iv. Business and philanthropy;
v. Government; and
vi. Tribal communities and tribal government
b) Consumers of public health services
c) Community members with lived experience in any of the areas listed in (a) of this subsection; and
d) Community stakeholders including non-profit organizations, the business community, and those regulated by public health

Section 4.  Advisory Board members shall serve for a staggered three (3) year term, and may be reappointed at the pleasure of the Board of Health.  Non-voting temporary guest membership for specific projects may be granted by the Advisory Board Leadership Committee. Advisory Board members may take a leave of absence upon informing the Chairperson. During the leave period the member shall not be considered an acting member of the Board and will be excluded from determining quorums or voting.  

Section 5.  Advisory Board members shall serve without compensation, with the exception of approved reimbursements, such as mileage and ferry fees.

Section 6.  Advisory Board membership and the attendant vote are personal and not transferable.  

Section 7. Associate Membership: Associate Members will not have voting rights but will receive CHAB e-mails and communications.  Associate members will include past CHAB members, students, and interested community members.  CHAB members can request to become an Associate CHAB Member upon their resignation or completion of their term(s) of appointment. This allows associate members the opportunity to follow and participate in the work of CHAB, e.g. understand current health issues and priorities, and remain supportive of CHAB’s work. It provides CHAB an opportunity to use past members, engage a larger community of residents in supporting current work, make Health Hero nominations, mentor students with health interests similar to CHAB’s priority issues and/or those with an interest in health careers, and enhances the work of CHAB by strengthening community-level support. An Associate Membership will continue until the Associate Member asks to be removed from the CHAB mail (e-mail) list. 

Section 8. Three unexcused absences may be grounds for recommending removal of a Board Member to local health board.


Section 1.  Officers required:

a.  Chairperson.
b.  Vice-Chairperson*

*The membership may choose to elect up to 2 vice-chairperson positions to share the vice-chairperson officer position.  When the membership chooses to elect co-vice-chairpersons, preference should be given to electing one member residing or working on Camano Island, and one member residing or working on Whidbey Island.   

Section 2.  The duties and responsibilities of the officers shall be those implied by their respective titles and include membership on the Leadership Committee. 

Section 3.  Nominations, Elections, Terms: Quorum permitting, the advisory board shall, within the first quarter of each year, select a chair and vice chair. The chair shall preside over all advisory board meetings and work with local public health director (i.e., administrative officer), or their designee, to establish board meeting agendas.

Section 4.  Staffing:  Staff and coordination will be provided by the Island County Health Services Director and other Health Department staff by assignment from the Health Services Director.

Article V:  MEETINGS

Section 1.  Regular Advisory Board meetings will be held once per month on an agreed upon recurring day of the week, time, and place.

Section 2. Meetings of the advisory board are subject to the open public meetings act, chapter 42.30 RCW, and meeting minutes must be submitted to the local board of health. 

Section 3.  Special meetings may be called as necessary by the Board of Health or the Chairperson of the Advisory Board.

Section 4.  No fewer than five CHAB members shall be present to conduct business and the act of a majority of the members present shall constitute the action of the entire Advisory Board. 
Section 5.  Voting:  All members appointed by the Board of Health may vote.


Section 1.  All members including associate members are encouraged to be active in at least one committee.  Appointment to committees shall be made by the Chairperson balancing Advisory Board needs with member interest.  Committees shall report back to the full Advisory Board and shall not take action independent of the full Advisory Board.  The specific committees are:
a.  Leadership Committee
b.  Any special or ad hoc or intermittent committee or work group deemed appropriate.


The rules contained in the most current version of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern all rules of this body, in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the bylaws or special rules of this body.*


Amendments to CHAB Bylaws:  These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting by a vote of the majority of the entire membership of the Advisory Board with a minimum of 20 days notice.  CHAB encourages active participation of members at meetings, if necessary vote by proxy may be accepted.  


Insurance and Indemnification is provided to the Community Health Advisory Board Members to the extent of Island County’s Liability Coverage with the Washington Counties’ Risk Pool.  The Coverage Form Insuring Agreement, “Persons and Organizations Insured,” states:  all past and present employees, elected and appointed officials, and volunteers, whether or not compensated, while acting or in good faith purporting to act within the scope of their official duties for the member county or on its behalf, including, but not limited to, all commissioners, agencies, districts, authorities, boards,(including the governing board) or similar entities which operate under the member county’s supervision or control.

The original self-published 1876 Rules of Order by Henry Martyn Robert (1837-1923) were inspired when Robert presided over a turbulent meeting in his New Bedford church and was struck by the void in accepted parliamentary rules.  Robert knew the more Pacific region of Island County which then included the San Juan Islands.  As a West Point graduate military engineer, he was stationed after the Civil War on Pig War Island (also known as San Juan Island) in charge of harbor fortifications, thought necessary by the chronic Anglo-American boundary dispute in the Puget Sound that culminated in the Pig War after an American, Lyman Cutlar, shot and killed a pig belonging to the Hudson Bay Company on June 15, 1859, because it was allegedly rooting in his garden.  Although this act precipitated considerable military posturing that continued on San Juan Island for many years between the British and Americans troops, there were no other shots fired in the Pig War and no casualties except the British pig.  The role played by the Pig War in the development of Robert’s Rules of Order is controversial.​

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