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CHAB Committees


Oversees development of all public outreach materials, including but not limited to press releases, written materials, and website content.  Coordinates with all other committees to develop supportive materials for the work of CHAB, and maintains a uniform style for publications.

        Members: Dave Macys, Mary Anderson, Kellie Torney


Identifies and recruits potential members, and coordinates with Public Health staff for the review of applicants.  Plans and conducts orientation for new members, monitors member attendance at meetings, follows up with members who are absent, and recognizes member achievements.

          Members: Celine Servatius, Doug Slaten, Patti Milligan

Physical Activity:

Sub-committee organized after the publication of the 2012 Island County Community Health Assessment.  Purpose is to generate recommendations for the Board of Health on how to improve physical activity rates among Island County residents.

          Members: Dave Macys, Sandy Ziemer, Doug Slaten, Patti Milligan

Leadership Committee:

       Catherine Ballay, CHAB Chair
        Jan Gross, Vice Chair 
        Staff Support: Laura Luginbill

Meets monthly to review past meeting and to plan agenda for next meeting; coordinates the work of CHAB committees; acts on behalf of CHAB between meetings.


Children’s Commission Steering Committee:

(recessed upon recess of the committee)

We will support the work of Island County Children’s Commission. The initiation of an Island County Children’s Commission was based on CHAB’s recommendation to the Island County Board of Health. The recommendation to initiate a Children’s Commission was based on the identification of a number of priority health issues focused on children and youth. The issues included “Supporting our youth” and the need for more early childhood education and parent support in Island County. The recommendation was supported by a number of county and community-based agencies serving children and youth wh​o saw value in developing a commission devoted to our children and youth.

CHAB’s Children’s Commission Steering Committee is committed to working on resource development to support the on-going operation of an Island County Children’s Commission.  

Use CHAB’s Community Health Assessment Model and Key Health Indicator Report as tools to monitor children and youth health issues and share emerging health issues with the Children’s Commission.


EHAT Steering Committee:

 (dissolved upon disolution of EHAT)

     " Environmental Health Action Team" 

We will support, embrace, and expand on the work begun under the Environmental Health Assessment Team (EHAT).  We will do this by monitoring environmental health indicators, tracking progress and impact of previous priority issues (Illegal Dumping, Walkability), and prioritizing and reporting on emerging environmental health issues.


  • Identify and select environmental health indicators for Island County and monitor their status over time
  • Ensure a Health Action Team (HAT) works on the prioritized environmental health issues
  • Assist with communications regarding environmental health issues and CHAB’s work on those issues
  • Meet quarterly with the Environmental Health Director for Island County Public Health to discuss emerging issues and possible interventions
  • Monitor on-going community and regional activities that address environmental health issues and meet with others as appropriate to plan for and coordinate actions

Health Dept Budget Review Committee: (ad hoc)

                      David Macys (Chair)

Meets with ICHD staff personnel to review the funding processes employed by the Health Department to address their annual departmental budgeting. Report of their progress is due by August.


Community Recognition Committee: 

        Dave Macys
        Sandy Ziemer     
        Staff Support: Laura Luginbill

Develop strategies for CHAB and the Board of Health to publicly recognize and reward individuals, agencies or organizations making major contributions to improving the community's health. Formal presentation of the award is in April during Public Health Week.  


Board of Health Liaison: 
             o     Dave Macys​​