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​CHAB Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Just what does the Community Health Advisory Board (CHAB) do, and how do I contact them?

"We CHAB/CHAT members are charged to be advocates for the community health​ process, to help develop a vision and plan, to connect our community to the process, to prioritize issues, to recommend difficult decisions in response to the needs and desires of the community, to stimulate team building in the community and turn civic spectators into a community of players." - Herb McDonald, MD, 9/98

The Community Health Advisory Board (CHAB) meets monthly to address issues and concerns most often identified by community members as being important to their physical or mental wellbeing.  These public meetings provide anyone the opportunity to coordinate activities around these concerns.  CHAB is also your voice to the Local Board of Health whose members are responsible for promoting a healthy community.

If you are unable to attend these meetings, your CHAB representative will be happy to bring your concerns to the Board's attention.  CHAB members are appointed by the Board of Health from all areas of the county.  Your local representative is among the following:

Camano Island (also CHAT representatives):

  • No participant from Camano Island

Freeland, Clinton & Langley:

  • (No present participant)

Coupeville & Greenbank:

  • Catherine Ballay
  • Sandy Ziemer
  • Jan Gross

Oak Harbor:

  • Carrie H. Anderson
  • Celine Servatius
  • David Macys
  • Brad Thomas MD  (ex officio)

11 positions are currently vacant.

Affiliate Members:

  • Courtney Bell
  • Duane Gimbel
  • Eileen Jackson
  • Toni Kotschwar
  • Cathy Niiro
  • Chuck Scurlock
  • Kathryn Stevens
  • Leslie Stevens
  • Greg Wisont
  • Colleen Zickgraf ​​