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Open Government Training

Legislation enacted by the State, July 2014, requires Open Government Training for all members of governing bodies (county council, planning commission, civil service commission, charter review commission, etc.) and for members of volunteer boards and committees who act on behalf of and/or take public comment for a governing body.

The goals of the law are to improve trust in government and help reduce liability through education about the principles of open government. The law requires training no later than 90 days after the oath of office or assumption of duties. There is also “refresher” training required at intervals of no more than four years to cover any updates on the laws. The time commitment is modest and the training is free through the Washington State Attorney General’s Office. 

Training Options

Members view VIDEO (currently unavailable) or POWERPOINT on their own, complete and sign individual Training Certificate.

Certificate of OGTA Training.png

Certificate of OGTA Training.pdf


Legislative Updates

In March 2022, WA State legislators passed Substitute House Bill 1329, updating various provisions of the Open Public Meeting Act from 2014. All changes expected to be effecitve in June 2022. Click HERE to read the final passed bill.