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CHAB Policies & Procedures


It is the policy of the Island County Community Health Advisory Board (CHAB) to maintain a membership of 21 adult and 8 student active members to fulfill our mission duties. It is a responsibility of each CHAB member to be observant for potential new members.


Names of potential candidates for open positions are derived from committee members, from outgoing board members, and from CHAB or community members at large.  To maintain a truly representative Advisory Board, the CHAB membership committee follows guidelines of county geography and defined social and professional strata of our community, with attention to minority, age and sex representation in considering potential candidates. Our mandate is to represent the diversity of our communities. In practice we always try but never perfectly succeed in this mandate.



Recruitment Process

  1. New members are recruited throughout the year in the manner herein described as open positions occur on the CHAB. Membership renewals do not require reappointment. 
  2. Once a potential candidate's name is brought forward, she or he is invited to attend the next CHAB meeting. The candidate must attend one CHAB meeting before being given an application for appointment to the CHAB. If, at or subsequent to the introductory CHAB meeting, the candidate seems to fit and desires to apply for appointment, they are given an application (or they can download one from the CHAB web site). For continuity, convenience and uniformity the application is returned to the Director's office at Island County Public Health.
  3. Student Nominations: The Membership Committee elicits student nominees from the county’s district schools in September or October through the principal’s office or her/his designee. CHAB members may also pursue student leads to elicit potential nominees. The goal is to recruit one Sophomore and one Junior from each school program and to encourage their continued participation for an additional year. Upon being nominated by a school official, the student’s attendance at a CHAB meeting, application, interview, and appointment by the Board of Health (BoH) are the same as for the adults. Student terms are for one year, and are renewable without requiring reappointment. Student Board members are expected to attend all regular meetings and may serve on CHAB committees as deemed appropriate by the Advisory Board Chair.
  4. Following attending a CHAB meeting, a member of the CHAB will initiate a follow-up with the candidate and provide any further information requested, including the CHAB mission statement, the county ordinance establishing the CHAB, an application form, and a listing of current CHAB committees and projects.
  5. Upon receipt of the application, Kerry Graves arranges for an interview before the Interview Team at a time convenient to all: the candidate, a BoH member (currently John Dean), Roger Case, MD (Health Officer) and a member of the CHAB leadership Committee as the candidate's advocate. A copy of the completed application is made available to Carrie McLachlan (CHAB coordinator) and to each member of the Interview Team. 
  6. Assuming a favorable recommendation by the Interview Team, the candidate’s nomination is placed on the agenda at the next Board of Health meeting, which is usually at 1:15 PM on the third Monday of each month. The candidate need not be present at that time, but if present, is recognized by the Chair of the BoH. The BoH then acts on the nomination and, upon approval, assigns the candidate to an open position on CHAB with an appointing letter. Appointments are routinely for 3 years, but are dependent upon each position’s rotation date. 
  7. At the first CHAB meeting following appointment, the CHAB Chair introduces and welcomes the new CHAB member(s) and presents the CHAB member a 3-ring notebook, which staff provides. Orientation for the new member is a responsibility of the staff with support from mentoring CHAB members.

Renewal Process

  1. The Membership Chair reviews term expirations each January, and sends a letter (prepared by staff) with a return-addressed and stamped envelope to those members with expiring terms, asking if they would like to continue on the CHAB.
  2. If the member wishes to continue on the CHAB, staff submits a notice of renewal intentions to the Board of Health. No action by the BoH is required for a member’s continuation.

Withdrawal from CHAB

Should a member at any time notify the Membership Chair that they do not wish to continue as a CHAB member, an exit interview is scheduled with the Chair. A Letter of Appreciation for their participation on the Community Health Advisory Board is prepared by staff, signed by the Board of Health President and presented to the out-going CHAB member.         

Adopted Oct 12, 2004  
Reviewed (unchanged) 2010    ​​