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CH​AB Workplan & Strategic Plan

CHAB Leadership Committee

1-Continue to improve CHAB meetings
     -Evaluate meetings
     -Plan agendas based on "lessons learned"
     -Announce time for late-breaking items to fit into agenda
2-Facilitate the work of CHAB
     -Assure new members join committees
     -Assure committees/task forces are functioning
     -Monitor imperative group activities
     -Assure evaluation of imperative group work
3-Plan the annual joint CHAB/BOH meeting
4-Plan CHAB Health Action Team participation yearly
     -Physical Activity/Chronic Disease Team     
     -Communicable Disease Prevention Team
     -Early Childhood Intervention/Parent Support & Education (a support function) 
     -Mental Health Services & Resources Team (a CHAB interest and support activity)
5-Evaluate CHAB Activities (annually)
     -Imperative work
     -Self evaluation (June & December)
     -Exit interviews of retiring members
6-Assure policy recommendations are forwarded to the Board of Health
     -one member to attend each Board of Health Meeting
7-Study the role of the Board of Health; review legislation, visit other BOH
8-Maintain CHAB Membership:
     -Fill Vacancies in a timely manner.
     -Re-appointment of those who consent to extend their productive
     -New member recruitment to fill voids and anticipated voids.
     -Recognition of members who retire after completed term(s) or resign:
     -At last meeting: Letter; Exit Survey Form; elicit name of suggested
9-Cultivate Future Members:
     -Guided in recruitment searches by Membership Distribution by:
         Geographic Location: South Whidbey currently under-represented.
         Community Systems Connections: currently looking for journalist,
           educational administrator, media rep., and an environmentalist.
     -Keep an updated Contact List of Potential Nominees.
10-Student Members:
     -Nomination Process through High School Principals, as per CHAB
       bylaws: a sophomore and a junior from each school.
     -Work toward Representation from entire Island County including Camano
     -Facilitate early Student Orientation and Membership Application 
     -Accompany students to their interview as an advocate.
     -Facilitate Student Committee Membership.
     -Exercise care that students are not over-burdened and are heard.
     -Work with schools to have students earn credits for civic work in CHAB
CHAB Community Recognitio​n Committee: (Linda Lee Martens Memorial Health Hero Award)
Mission:  to develop strategies for CHAB and the Board of Health to publicly recognize and reward individuals, agencies, or organizations making major contributions to improving the community's health. Formal presentation of the award is at the annual Joint BoH-CHAB meeting during Public Health Week (April)

CHAB Task Force Activities: 

Budget Review Committee
Task: Meets with ICPH staff personnel to review the funding processes employed by the Health Department to address their annual departmental budgeting. Report of their progress is due by August. (Begins meeting in June of each year)
Environmental Health Steering Committee: 
Task: to serve as a steering committee in engaging the community in the process of assessing, prioritizing and addressing  issues of environmental importance to the community. Steering Committee members will develop the component activities necessary to address these issues.  This project is a continuation of the  "Environmental Health Assessment Team".
Health Indicators Evaluation Task Force
Task:  to review outcomes, access and formulate data so that CHAB can evaluate and select issues requiring input for the next work cycle for CHAB.     
Community Liaison Task Force

Task:  To make and solicit periodic reports to/from the Board of Health and other community activities on the progress of the various community projects initiated by or of possible interest to CHAB members. Works closely with the CHAB leadership committee and the Health Assessment Teams.