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Island County > Public Health > Assessment & Healthy Communities > Assessment & Health Data About Island County

Health Data for Island County

Assessment & Healthy Communities staff have access to numerous local, state and national databases to provide data on the health of Island County residents.  

Types of Data Available

Look at ​​​our 'Published Reports' and 'Other Data Sources' for examples. Most common requests include​:

  • ​Population estimates
  • Vital statistics (births and deaths)
  • Hospitalizations
  • Health behaviors

For much of our information on health behaviors and risks  we use the following data sources to provide county, and when possible sub-county, estimates:

If what you're looking for is not already available, our data request service assists users by performing customized analyses of the data sets we have available.   See 'Data Requests' below for more information on requesting custom analyses.

Data Requests​​

Data requests may be submitted by any member of the public.  Requests are frequently made for the following purposes:

  • ​Grant applications
  • Strategic planning
  • ​Program evaluation
Contact us using the ONLINE REQUEST FORM to learn more or request data. See King County's Data Request Service page for recommendations on submitting an effective data request.


Includes reports and fact sheets on mortality fact sheets, covering topics such as accidents, diabetes and cancer


Access Community Health Assessments and Community Health Improvement Plans for Snohomish County. Also: reports and fact sheets on specific diseases, populations, oral health, and cancers.


Read PDF versions of the Healthy Youth Survey data.


Includes the Burden of Disease Report, overdoses, and other reports.

Other Data Sources