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Healthy Youth Survey


The Healthy Youth Survey (HYS) is a collaborative effort of the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Department of Health, the Health Care Authority - Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery, and the Liquor and Cannabis Board.

The Healthy Youth Survey provides important survey results about the health of adolescents in Washington. County prevention coordinators, community mobilization coalitions, community public health and safety networks, and others use this information to guide policy and programs that serve youth.

For statewide results, visit the Healthy Youth Survey website: Ask HYS


The survey was most recently given to students in fall of 2021. More than 1,700 students around Island County participated in the survey. Their responses show existing good habits to build upon, as well as some areas of concern.


  • Reports of substance use are much lower than recent years. 

  • 36% of 10th graders in our county thought there was little or no risk of using marijuana regularly. 

  • 41% of 10th graders in our county felt so sad or hopeless for two weeks or more that they stopped doing their usual activities

  • 54% of 12th graders in our county felt so sad or hopeless for two weeks or more that they stopped doing their usual activities

  • 86% of 10th graders in our county did not meet the recommendations for 60 minutes of  physical activity 7 days a week.



Q: What is it?

A: A survey administered every two (2) years to Washington  students in grades 6 to 12. The survey is voluntary, anonymous, and free for schools.

Q: What does it ask?
The survey asks students their thoughts, feelings, and 
behaviors pertaining to a variety of health and safety topics, including school climate and community safety, anxiety and depression, substance use and misuse,
and healthy eating habits and physical activity.

Q: What are risk & protective factors?

Risk Factor - something that may attribute to a 
Protective Factor - something that helps to 
prevent a problem
Click HERE for complete FAQ sheet.