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Interpersonal Abuse Training

Interpersonal abuse is an issue that spans race, age, socioeconomic status, and culture.  Regrettably, it is astoundingly prevalent, including in Island County.  

Education sessions to enable all of us to better recognize and empathetically respond to victims of abusive situations are now available at no charge to any organizational group or business.  

In these sessions, participants learn about subtle as well as overt forms of abuse, challenges victims face, trauma-informed compassionate responses, and community resources.   

To schedule a training or learn more, contact Nicole Marley, Public Health Coordinator at n.marley@islandcountywa.gov



A  Community Health Improvement Plan is a tool for guiding health policymakers and community partners to establish priorities and   allocate resources.  Island County's Community Health Improvement Plan has 4 Health Priorities, built through contributions from more than 80 community members.

Progress Report
The Community Health Improvement Plan employs measures to track and evaluate the effectiveness of the improvement strategies in addressing each priority area.  Performance measurement will include regular data collection and reporting to assess whether processes are being performed and desired results are being achieved.  Click HERE for the latest report.
Vision2020 is an ambitious community health improvement plan.  It's purpose is to transform health outcomes by addressing the most pressing priorities identified by Island County residents.

Implementation of the CHIP has already begun.  For some strategies, project leaders and partners have mobilized and are moving forward.  For others, strategy implementation will require building new partnerships, researching best practices, identifying resources and adapting to changing local, regional and national environments.  The plan's implementation will be reviewed and updated annually over the next three years.  The CHIP work groups and the Community Health Advisory Board will assist Island County Public Health in tracking and evaluating how well the strategies are addressing goals and objectives.  They will also make recommendations if greater impact can be achieved through modifications. 

Island County Public Health and our partners seek to expand the network of agencies and stakeholders committed to supporting the CHIP.  New opportunities and alliances must be formed with others working toward improving community health to ensure the plan's success across all sectors.  As this initiative moves forward, public involvement is essential.  Opportunities exist to get involved and stay informed.  

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Contact us at 360-679-7350 or email t.sanders@islandcountywa.gov to find out more about how you can help the CHIP succeeed in island County. 

Click HERE to read the full CHIP Report.

4 Health Priorities

Access to Health Care


Interpersonal Abuse

Depression and Suicide

CHIP Quarterly Update

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