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Smoking Infraction Information

Chapter 70.160 RCW 

70.160.070 Intentional violation of chapter-Removing, defacing, or destroying required sign- Fine- Notice of infraction- Exceptions- Violation of RCW 70.160.050
"Any person intentionally violating this chapter by smoking in a public place or place of employment, or any person removing, defacing, or destroying​ a sign required by this chapter, is subject to a civil fine of up to one hundred dollars. Any person passing by or through a public place while on a public sidewalk or public right-of-way has not intentionally violated this chapter. Local law enforcement agencies shall enforce this section by issuing a notice of infraction to be assessed in the same manner as traffic infractions."
People with complaints that smoking violations have taken place or are currently taking place should immediately  notify the local police departmen where the violation has occurred or is occurring to take enforcement action.  Such complaints are for individuals who are violating the law.
If signs prohibiting smoking aren't posted or  if property owners or lessees of public places or places of employment are allowing smoking where it is prohibited  feel free to contact;  Emily Maughan, Island County Public Health Coordinator (360) 678-7917.