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Island County Community & Family Health has a number of specialists who oversee and manage each of the programs listed below. 

The Access to Baby ​and Child Dentistry Program can help you find a dentist for your child with medical insurance through Apple Health. Remember: First Tooth, First Birthday, First Dental Visit!  More...

Birth Certificate

This program provides certified records of births and deaths occurring in Island County.  Vital Statistics staff serves as a primary resource to physicians, funeral directors, and the public for accessing information related to births and deaths.  More...

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Child Care Health Consultation offers help with the health and safety concerns facing today's licensed child care providers. More...


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This program provides linkages and coordination of services for all children and youth with special needs.  More...


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This program works closely with healthcare providers to identify instances of communicable diseases in our county.  Public health professionals seek to ensure that the individual and the community are protected against further exposure and also provide education and information about these diseases.  More...   
Emergency Preparedness & Response
In the event of an emergency that affects the health of the community, the health department is responsible for providing disease investigation and surveillance, identifying ways to reduce risks to the commun​ity's health, providing health information and updates to the community through our website and news outlets, and working with local, state, and federal partners during response efforts.  ​

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Immunization Program staff provides education about vaccine-preventable diseases and vaccinations.  They also staff immunization clinics where these services are provided.  More..

Mother and Child Programs
These programs assist families during preganancy and after the baby is born. Support from a Pubic Health Nurse during these times is provided through both home and office visits. More... 

Tuberculosis Chest X-Ray
The Tuberculosis Program engages in surveillance and investigation of tuberculosis, a notifiable condition under Washington State law, including prevention, control, and education activities.  Services include testing, proper treatment for affected individuals, and contacting individuals potentially exposed to this disease.  More...
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WIC is the program that helps pregnant women, new mothers, and young children eat well, learn about nutrition, and stay healthy. Nutrition education and counseling, nutritious foods, and help accessing health care are provided to low-income women, infants, and children through the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program, popularly known as WIC. More...

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