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Appointment Tips

Do keep your appointment.  If you must cancel, please call the dental office 24 hours before your appointment.

Before each appointment:

  • Make the dental appointment a special time for you and your child.  Make child care plans for your other children.
  • Be sure to bring your diaper bag and supplies with you.
  • Be sure you and your child wear your best smiles!  Brush your teeth and your child’s teeth before you leave home.
  • Be sure to have your Provider 1 card with you.
  • Bring a list of medications that your child is taking.

At the dental office:

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment time.
  • Present your Provider 1 card to the receptionist.
  • Find seats in the waiting room.  You may want to bring something for you and your child to do together in case you have to wait.

Tips for a Positive Dental Visit

It is important to use positive words when talking to your child about his or her dental visit.  Dental offices try very hard to avoid words that might scare the child due to previous experiences.  The intention is not to fool the child but rather to make the experience less fearful.

Words to Use​

​Words to Avoid

​Sleepy juice​

​Needle / shot


​Drill on tooth

​Clean a tooth


​Wiggle a tooth out

Pull or yank a tooth

​Sugar Bug

Decay, rotten, cavity

​Count teeth


​Tickle teeth

Tooth cleaning




Rubber dam

​Magic air​​​ Gas / nitrous oxide