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Assessment & Health Planning

​Island County Public Health leads health planning and assessment activities. We collaborate with partners from a variety of sectors and facilitate community groups to advance equity and improve health outcomes.

​We help develop a comprehensive understanding of health in our community and translate data into action by:

  • Utilizing data from many sources including public health, social services, healthcare and the community.

  • Monitoring data on leading causes of diseases and deaths, health behaviors and social factors influencing health.

  • Identifying trends, disparities, and emerging health issues, working across the social determinants of health - the conditions that influence individual and community health outcomes.

  • Developing community partnerships to disseminate community health information and address priority health issues.

  • Guiding program and policy development, implementation and evaluation.

  • Providing technical assistance to community partners on data collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination.

10 Essential Public Health Functions