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Island County > Public Health > Community & Family Health > Access to Baby & Child Dentistry

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Access to Baby and Child Dentistry​​

First Tooth-First Birthday-First Dental Visit - that's the goal

Tooth decay, although preventable, is the most common chronic disease of children aged 5-17 years. It is five times more common than asthma. ​Since 1995, the Access to Baby and Child Dentistry (ABCD) Program has been available to help families so their children can be seen by a dentist by the age of one.
What can ABCD do for you and your children?
  • Provide your child with access to a dentist trained to care for young children
  • Give your child a great start in life by making sure all baby teeth are healthy
  • Provide positive dental experiences
  • Prevent your child from experiencing pain and discomfort of dental disease by seeing the dentist early
  • Provide education about dental health

Who is eligible?

  • Children from birth up to their 6th birthday who have or are eligible​ for Apple Health (Provider One) and
  • Resident of Island County

What are the benefits?

  • Two dental exams per year
  • Up to three fluoride varnish applications per year

Contact Information

Loretta D. Bezold RN BSN IBCLC
Phone: 360.544.2371
Email: l.bezold@islandcountywa.gov