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Birth​ & Death Record


For increased security of personal information, only individuals with specific relationship to the person on record being requested can receive the certificate.

  • Identity and proof of relationship documentation will be required.
  • Certificate fee will increase.
  • The Department of Health recently published Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage to assist everyone in better understanding what the new requirements are for ordering birth and death certificates. 

This program establishes and provides certified records of Birth, Death, and Fetal Deaths occurring in Island County.  Vital Statistics staff serves as a primary resource to physicians, funeral directors ​and the public for accessing information related to live births, deaths and fetal deaths. 

To request a birth or death certificate, please click on links below:

Request a Birth Certificate

Request a Death Certificate​​​​

Helpful Resources

​WA State DOH - Vital Statistics & Population Data: website

CDC Vital Records Directory - Records outside WA: website