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  Pertussis Alert Update - 

Over the past few months neighboring counties have reported record numbers of cases of pertussis.  Please protect your family with the following recommendations:

  1. Watch for​ symptoms   Symptoms include:

  • Moderate to severe cough, worsening beyond the second week and can persist for 1-2 months
  • Symptoms may include gagging and/or vomiting with cough, low grade or absent fever, runny nose
  • In immunized individuals, the cough may not be severe
  1. If coughing in fits or to the point of gagging or vomiting, stay home and call your doctor to ask if you should be seen.   People are contagious with pertussis until they have completed a five day course of antibiotics.   

  1. Make sure your family's immunizations are up-to-date for Pertussis.  Immunizing adults is an important measure to protect children. Keep in mind that vaccines are not 100% effective and boosters are important.  Immunizations for Pertussis:

  • Before Age 7: 5 doses of DTaP
  • Age 11-12: Tdap VaccineA
  • Adults: Tdap Vaccine

  1. Infants under one year old, especially those under six months, are most likely to have severe symptoms with Pertussis.   Exposed infants with a coughing illness should call their doctor. 

  1. Questions?  Call Island County Public Health at 679-7351 (North & Central Whidbey), 321-5111 x7351 (South Whidbey) or 629-4522 x7351 (Camano).

  H7N9 info update

This webpage will be updated as situations develop.   If you suspect a communicable disease case or outbreak, please contact us:

Colleen Keefe, Communicable Disease Coordinator
Phone: (360) 221-6626
Fax: (360) 221-8480
Email: c.keefe@co.island.wa.us