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Congenital Syphilis

Department of Health (DOH), in partnership with Public Health - Seattle & King County (PHSKC), are issuing updated syphilis screening guidelines for WA State.  The new recommendations are summarized in this letter to providers.

Acute Pediatric Hepatitis

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to work with health departments and clinicians nationwide to identify and investigate hepatitis of unknown cause impacting children. To find out more, please visit the CDC website here.

Information for Health Care Providers


The State Department of Health maintains a Notifiable Conditions page, which includes links to disease references and investigation guidelines.

Posters for Notifiable Conditions

We recommend that providers print applicable posters, which include reporting timelines:

Reporting a notifiable condition

For conditions not immediately notifiable, send information to our fax number. Contact below staff directly for immediately notifiable conditions. For reporting sexually transmitted infections (STIs), please use the WA Dept of Health form​FOR MEDICAL EMERGENCIES CALL 911

Fax: (360) 221-8480


Cris Matochi, Living Environments Supervisor
Phone: (360) 679-7309
Email: c.matochi@islandcountywa.gov


Ann Prusha, Environmental Health Specialist
Phone: 360.499.4416
Email: a.prusha@islandcountywa.gov

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

​STI Report Form

Loretta D. Bezold, RN BSN IBCLC
Phone: 360.544.2371
Email: l.bezold@islandcountywa.gov

Megan Works, RN
Phone: (360) 678-8281
Email: m.works@islandcountywa.gov

Other Communicable Disease

Mary Brennan, RN 
Phone: 360.678.8482
Email: M.Brennan@islandcountywa.gov

Melanie Davis, RN 
Phone: 360.678.8246 or 360.499.4023
Email: m.davis@islandcountywa.gov

​​After Hours

Shawn Morris, ND
Phone: 360.914.0837
Email: s.morrisnd@islandcountywa.gov

If unavailable contact the Washington State Department of Health:
1(877) 539-4344 (24/7) or (206) 418-5500 (24/7)


See fax instructions.
Fax: 360.221.8480

Monday - Friday

8:00 a.m. - 4:30 pm


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