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Health info and resources for Island County families. Topics include healthy nutrition and lifestyle, prevention, and parenting support. Check back regularly for new posts!

Healthy Foods for Balanced Blood Sugar
May 14, 2022

Eating foods that balance blood sugars helps kids stay happy and healthy, while preventing conditions like prediabetes and obesity. Foods packed with sugar, but with little nutritional content or fiber - like soda, pastries, and candy - cause a spike of blood sugar, called glucose. When we eat high sugar, low nutrition foods, our pancreas releases a lot of the hormone insulin to try and mop up all the glucose flooding our bloodstream. During a sugar crash, glucose drops causing mood disturbance and difficulty focusing. We need a healthy amount of glucose to stay alert and keep our body and mind running smoothly. Too much too quickly tires out our pancreas, and can lead to disease and imbalance. To keep blood sugars balanced, choose high fiber foods like fruits, nuts and seeds, dairy, vegetables, healthy fats and proteins, and whole grains. 

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