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IslandCounty Assessor

Island Local Integrating Organization (ILIO)


The Island Local Integrating Organization (ILIO) includes all of Island County, also known as Water Resources Inventory Area (WRIA) 6. The ILIO builds upon existing committees and watershed groups that are collectively responsible for actions related to the implementation of watershed focused​ programs and projects in Island County.  .
Island County territory, not as a political boundary, but as part of a functioning element of Puget Sound, has a long tradition of utilizing the strength of our citizens and volunteer groups to support recovery efforts. The intention of the ILIO is to build upon these existing structures and others within Island Watershed to continue to support the work of those organizations.  The Island Local Integrating Organization coordinates process within to best identify and focus work moving forward. The ILIO is not meant to change the authority of existing organizations nor to take over the decision making for any entity. 
ILIO Executive Committee:

This committee makes all decisions of the ILIO and sets strategic policy direction, establishes priorities and funding concepts. 

ILIO Technical Committee:
This committee provides recommendations on strategic direction, priority setting, funding concepts and other issues within WRIA 6 of interest to the Executive Committee. This process furthers the performance management systems of Island County and other ILIO members. 


Island County Human Wellbeing Survey Report

Island LIO Ecosystem Recovery Plan


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