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 Mosquitoes and Giant Hornets Outreach



US Dept of Health & Human Services Info Sheet: Mosquito Bite Prevention

Mosquito season has arrived! To protect your family and pets from mosquito bites, click the link above to find out about mosquito preventions from the US Dept of Health and Human Services and the Washington State Department of Health.


Giant Hornets

WSDA is working hard to prevent the spread of Giant Hornets in northwest Washington. Although Island County has yet to document these invasive insects, we can all do our part to trap these insects and stop their spread. 

Learn how you can help watch for Giant Hornets this summer with Washington State Dept of Agriculture's Adopt-A-Wasp Nest Program.

Click HERE to reach the Washington State Department of Agriculture's form to monitor and report sightings of Asian Giant Hornets. 

WSDA Virtual Press Conference 5/24/22

Asian Giant Hornet Shareholder Update