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Island County > Public Health > Natural Resources > Natural Resource Maps, Graphics, and Data

Island County: IC GEO Mapping

Your local Island County government resource allows you to:

Search our local area for features in dozens of layers, Filter out data, Conduct Proximity Analysis - Buffering features, Create your own high quality maps, Create parcel reports, mailing labels and more!

Washington Department of Ecology

Climate Change
Learn more about climate change  from Washington State Dept of Ecology. Topics include climate change and the environment, regulations to minimize carbon pollution, and tracking and inventory of sources of pollution. Learn how you can affect climate change in your daily life.

Use this resource link to investigate scientific research that DOE uses to create a data-rich understanding of our local environment. 

Topics such as Monitoring & Assessment, Data Resources, Scientific Reports, and Online Scientific Tools can all be searched for your particular area of interest to create a list of journal articles and scientific data.

Washington Department of Natural Resources

Washington State DNR

Check out your amazing Washington DNR resource for anything and everything you ever wanted to know about your local environment. Search for scientific research, local information and programs, recreation and outdoor education, outreach events, volunteer opportunities and more!

Washington DNR Map Resources

Click on the link to find multiple mapping resources like Washington state geology, minerals and fossils, fire danger and open burning maps, wetlands, forest health and action plans, and ocean resource maps that identify locations of kelp forests and eel grass.