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School Programs and Lesson Plans

Washington Department of Ecology (WDOE)   
Watershed and Wetlands Curricula

Discover Wetlands: A curriculum guide for grades K-12 focused on Washington's wetlands, what they are, their value, and human affects on them. Includes wetland plant and animal identification cards and field studies.

Learn about wetland functions and values: A web page with information about wetland functions and values, and links to more information.

Washington's Wetlands: A 14 pg black and white booklet providing general information about wetlands with illustrations.

Wetlands: A small, illustrated children's book about wetlands. Grasses, plants, insects, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, mud, and water are introduced one by one.

Wetland videos: WDOE can provide the following videos all on one DVD for classroom use. 

    • Fabulous Wetlands (7 minutes): A wacky and entertaining video featuring Bill Nye "the Science Guy" talking about the importance of wetlands. You can also view this video on YouTube.
    • Washington Wetlands (15 minutes): A video of still images that provides an overview of the functions of values fresh and saltwater wetlands in Washington.
    • Yellowlegs, Eelgrass, and Tideflats (28 minutes): Film about the natural history of Washington's estuaries emphasizing the variety of wildlife common to these areas.

WDOE -  Educational Videos

Videos by Topic
Click the link above to search Washington Department of Ecology for educational videos from a range of topics from Aquatic Plants and Animals to Watersheds and Wetlands.

Contact WDOE to find and check out more informational videos: 

Lisa Euster

Jason Kasper
Forms Manager

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife WDFW  -  Lesson Plans

Wild Washington
These environmental education lesson plans from grades K-12 are focused on the plant and animal life of Washington state and  are designed to "equip K-12 students with the knowledge, social, and emotional skills needed to think critically, and problem solve around natural resource issues." 

Hands-on activities combine with environmental education to create fascinating glimpses of our local area. Searchable by grade level, subject and topic/theme, these are a wonderful resource for teachers and homeschoolers alike.