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Beach seining is used to monitor which fish species use our shorelines. We use a net that is fixed to the beach on one end and then deployed out into the intertidal area using a floating tote and then brought back to the beach. Both ends are then gathered together, creating a big circle, and carefully hauled in, catching the fish that happen to be using the shoreline right there, right then. All fish are identified, counted and returned.

Several locations throughout Island County have been beach seined over the last 15 years, including:​

  • Cornet Bay
  • Ala Spit
  • Race Lagoon
  • Harrington Lagoon
  • West Beach
  • Dugualla Lagoon
  • Crescent Marsh
  • Iverson Preserve

These efforts are almost entirely conducted with Beach Watchers and Marine Resources Committee volunteers.​