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The 2023 SRFB Grant Round has begun!  

The RFP for the 2023 Grant Round in WRIA 6 is available below:

2023 Island LE RFPnew.pdf

The Letter of Intent for the 2023 Grant Round in WRIA 6 is available below:

2023 WRIA 6 Letter of Intent Template.pdf

The draft timeline for the 2023 Grant Round in WRIA 6 is available below (please note that some dates may change, but Letters of Intent are due on January 16 2023): 

2023 timeline v1_DRAFT.pdf

2022 Projects:

Beach Farm and Forest Acquisition: https://secure.rco.wa.gov/prism/search/ProjectSnapshot.aspx?ProjectNumber=22-1085

Race Lagoon Culvert No. 1893 and 1894: https://secure.rco.wa.gov/prism/search/ProjectSnapshot.aspx?ProjectNumber=22-1089

​Helpful Resources

Additional information on the SRFB Grant Round process can be found at: Salmon Recovery and Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration - RCO (wa.gov)"

For more information on applications and the process, contact Clea Barenburg at c.barenburg@islandcountywa.gov or 360-678-7267.

Island County - 2017 S​p​onsor's​ Guidance Manual

RCO Manual 18 - Salmon Recovery Grants​ .