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SRTCC has approved the final 2020 Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) habitat project list.  In order of priority for funding:

1. Hoypus Point Armor Removal - Phase 2, Design and Permitting (#20-1124). This project will produce final designs and obtain permits to remove ~325' of riprap shore armor. By removing the armor, the beach sand will have room and the right energy to collect and support forage fish spawning.

2. Polnell Point Road Armor Removal - Feasibility & Design (#20-1146). This project will conduct a feasibilty assessement, and produce designs, conduct cultural surveys and obtain permits to remove ~ 1400' of riprap shore armor and fill along a road the Navy no longer uses. The spit between the tomobolo (island) and the point will be restored to natural processes and support habitat necessary for forage fish spawning.

3. Florence Island Tidal Wetland Acquisition (#20-1092) - This project will protect 537 acres of historic tidal wetland on the north east side of Port Susan, connected to Leque, zis-a-ba, Hatt Slough an and the Old Stillaguamish Mainstem . Because of the important regional nature of this project, the WRIA 6 SRTCC decided to support the Stillaguamish Lead Entity project with $200,000 of our grant funding allocation. This acquisition paves the way to restoration and will double the size of natal estuary in the Stillaguamish watershed.

4. WRIA 6 Nearhshore Protection Tool Implementation (#20-1134) -  This project will focus on acquiring two parcels, including the parcel the tool ranked in the top 5 of all nearshore parcels in value to salmon and habitat recovery. The 34 acre parcel includes 1700' of lowbank nearshore, a tidegate and 25 acres of potential tidal wetland. The second parcel is privately owned tidelands adjacent to the first parcel. Acquiring these parcels are important as it puts the parcel that is the keystone parcel to restoring tidal channels in old farm land (that is too difficult and expensife to farm anymore).

The project list will pass through a review by the Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Region and then included on the final list forwarded to the SRFB for their approval early September. 

The 2021 SRFB Grant Round will begin in January 2021.

For more information on applications and the process, contact Dawn Spilsbury Pucci at d.pucci@islandcountywa.gov or 360-678-7916

​Helpful Resources

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