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Shore Friendly Mini-Grant Program

Shoreline homeowners around Island County want to protect their properties while also protecting the fish, wildlife, and shoreline habitats of Puget Sound. We are excited to announce that through April 30, 2021, shoreline homeowners are inivited to apply for funding through the Island County Shore Friendly Mini-Grant program to enhance nearhsore habitat and prevent the need for hard shoreline armor.

Mini-grant amounts will range from $500-$5,000, and can be used towards the following:

Project Types:

  • Bulkhead removal
  • Soft shore protection
  • Native vegetation installation
  • Drainage management
  • House or septic relocation
Eligible Activities:
  • Consulting services
  • Project design
  • Permitting fees
  • Project implementation

To learn more about the program and eligible activities, click here.

To discuss your project or for more information, contact Anna Toledo.

To submit a mini-grant application, click here.

Shore Friendly Living - Coastal Beaches and Bluffs

Learn more about what it means to be Shore Friendly in this video from our partners at the Northwest Straits Foundation. In this video, coastal geologist, Hugh Shipman guides us on a virtual beach walk to learn about the geology and physical processes that create and maintain our beaches. As we explore how beaches form and change over time, we’ll also learn how these processes determine who and what utilize the shoreline and make it their home.


How can I protect and enjoy my shoreline property while also promoting a healthy ecosystem?

In the video below, local residents and a coastal geologist share about the environmental, recreational, and aesthetic benefits of natural and restored beaches. 

About Shore Friendly

The goal of the Island County Shore Friendly project is to promote alternative strategies for shoreline residential properties that provide both the use and enjoyment of the property while promoting and maintaining the nearshore ecosystems for the support of fish and wildlife.

Educational Materials

Island County has developed materials to help Island County residents learn about their options for protecting their shoreline homes and properties by considering natural beach and soft shore options. Check out our materials below, as well as our page of resources for more information:

Project Funding

This project has been funded wholly or in part by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program.